What to do for an evening in York, UK?
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What should I do this Wednesday night in York, UK?

I'll be in York for business on Wednesday and Thursday this week, and I'd like to find somewhere to eat and something to do in the one evening I'm there.

Things I like:
- any kind of restaurant or pub food, so long as there are vegan options
- cinema (bonus points for international/arty/classic films)
- museums/art galleries with evening open hours
- local history
- cosy pubs where I could roost for a few hours, reading my book and drinking interesting beer
- walking around just looking at the city, though not for the whole evening!

Things I'm not looking for on this trip:
- meeting new people (I'll be too tired after work)
- nightclubs
- pubs full of people on their way to nightclubs
- watching sports
- shopping

I've booked a room in the Park Inn hotel, which seems pretty central. There are a few old questions about York here but does anyone have any more up-to-date recommendations?

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I used to live in York, until about 4 years ago:
Fantastic city,

- any kind of restaurant or pub food, so long as there are vegan options
El Piano
15-17 Grape Ln, York, North Yorkshire YO1 7HU (veggiterian resturant - should have some vegan options I would have thought)

- cinema (bonus points for international/arty/classic films)
Try out City Screen. Coney Street, York YO1 9QL, semi-arty cinema that's also got a lovely bar with a view of the river.

- cosy pubs where I could roost for a few hours, reading my book and drinking interesting beer
The Yorkshire Terrier on Stonegate
Or The Golden Fleece, 16 Pavement, York, North Yorkshire YO1 9UP

Avoid Micklegate - that's the clubbing scene particularly on a Wednesday night.

Places worth walking to/through are: the shambles, the minister and gardens (£ entry to the minster), and Clifford Tower.

MeMail me if you want more ideas/advice.
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El Piano, Goji, La Tasca, and the Blakehead Cafe have vegan options. For delicious Thai food, can't beat the Old Siam and for Indian, I'd go with Bengal Brasserie.

But really, the first thing you must do is walk the walls. They surround the city centre and will give you a good idea of size and scope of what's inside. Plus, gorgeous.

My favorite little pubs are the House of Trembling Madness, the Lamb and the Lion and the Golden Ball. My favorite small coffee/tea rooms are Coffee Culture, Harlequin tea room, the place right next to the Minster (don't know the name), and Cafe Concerto (they do some gluten-free, vegetarian and vegan nibbles as well).

City Screen Cinema and York Theatre Royal are your two best bets for viewing.

I live in York...feel free to email me for more options/ideas.
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Oh, and how could I possibly forget the Hairy Fig and the Pig and Pastry for delightful and delicious tea/coffee experiences!?
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The best cozy pub in York, perhaps England (yes, I said it) is the Blue Bell. In my opinion, the most delicious and interesting beer there (nay, most anywhere) is the Rudgate Ruby Mild.
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+++shambles and walls. If you can stand a guided tour, I highly recommend the Snickleways tour.
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Seconding walking the Walls and the Lamb and Lion Pub. Mr. Adams and I spent a day and night in York many years ago (we had a rental car and were exploring some nearby cities prior to a mandatory London meeting). The Walls were so beautiful, and a nice healthy walking break after spending so much time in the car. Mr. Adams really loved York Minster Cathedral; I'm not as much into historical architecture and such, but York Minster did have gorgeous stained glass windows that I could've browsed at in a trance-y way for hours. We stayed at a small B&B in York and Mr. Adams was hungry around 10PM when I was sleepy. He set out to find food and landed at the first place he found open, the Lame and Lion. They had already stopped serving food, but upon hearing Mr. Adams' American accent, the barmaid insisted on preparing him a ham and cheese sandwich (despite his protests of "I don't want to bother you...!") But, according to Mr. Adams' recounting of the incident, she wanted a visitor to leave the area with a good impression of York. And that we certainly did.
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Thanks, everyone! There are some great answers here.

Oriole Adams, that is a very sweet story :)
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