Dimensions of Australian cigarette packet
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What are the dimensions of the typical Australian cigarette packet.

I have an idea, and to pursue it (I've been procrastinating for about a year now), I need the dimensions of the typical Australian cigarette packet, including the size of the lid fold bit.
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Best answer: Mine are packs of 40. The dimensions of the box are 8.75cm high, 6.8cm wide, 3.5cm deep. At the back, the fold where the flap 'hinges' is 1.1cm from the top of the pack. The front part of the lid is 2.5cm from the top of the pack.

However, my brand also comes in packs of 30 and 20. I'm sure they're the same height as my packs of 40, but can't be 100% sure if they're the same width. Definitely not the same depth.

Feel free to memail your email address to me if you want digital photos. (And aren't you lucky I've been measuring furniture today, so had my proper accurate tape measure at hand!)
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Sadly, CigarettesPedia and the Tobacco Labelling Resource Center don't include dimensions, but there are lots and lots of pictures of cigarette packets.

Australia cigarette packs have more size variability than other countries - you can get 20-50 cigarettes in a pack. The large pack sizes have to do with our taxation regime. It looks like most packs sold are in the 25-30 range. (See "Table 10.20
Cigarette sales in the supermarket and grocery sector dissected by price band and pack size, 2007
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