Who's that girl?
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Where did this picture come from? I can't seem to find the original.

Looking for the origin of that picture. I have used tineye to find the ones without the text, but that still doesn't look like the original. Where did this come from? What was the purpose of it? I'd like to track down the original and see who the photographer was and whether it was part of a series or not.

Here's another version:

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Still not sure of the source, but using search terms garnered from TinEye leads to this much larger version on Photobucket titled Krieger des Lichts ("warrior of light").
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None of the three versions have any useful EXIF data -- they've all been stripped, which usually indicates that they aren't the original file and have been uploaded to a destructive image host.
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Here's a version with some text on it, looks like some kind of flyer or poster for a women's conference.
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It kind of looks like PJ Harvey.
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Krieger des Lichts seems to be a single by German Rockband Silbermond ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Silbermond ). The singer, Stefanie Kloß, might be the girl in this picture.
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Response by poster: It sure *could* be Stefanie Kloß. The shape of her nose is very similar to the picture. Two reasons that I don't think it is her, though. A) The woman in the picture has striking blue eyes. Stefanie, in all of her pictures, has striking brown eyes. B) If I had a cool picture from a photo shot like this that was done for my band or single or whatever, I'd plaster it all over the internet with our band name on it. This photo doesn't come up *at all* in any of the photos of the band, on their website, album covers, etc. I don't think it's linked to them, somehow. I do like that band, though. I'll be buying some of their music in the near future!
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Response by poster: Also, I have no clue what EXIF data is or where to find it, but does this have any of that info on it? Another hit from tineye when I uploaded the image. Thanks!
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Response by poster: If it helps, here is the tineye search page for the image.
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but does this have any of that info on it?

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