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I grown fond of a brand of apple whiskey that comes in these sturdy glass bottles (image), and now I have quite the collection of empty bottles. Right now, they're just sitting around my house making me look very much the alcoholic hoarder, but I can't bring myself to toss them, and I'd like to do something with them. Any ideas for some basic decor/crafty suggestions would be appreciated.

I've looked at some suggestions online (making planters, glasses, and the like), but I don't want to deal with the expense of cutting glass properly or the danger of doing so with less conventional means. I've considered burying them upside down in part of our backyard to make a walkway (I'm not particularly inventive or artistically skillful), but I'd like to hear other suggestions.
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A Wine Bottle Shelf could be adapted to those bottles. Another design here. Others here.
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lighting fixtures?
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I've been seeing some great images on craft and style blogs of spraypainted jars, bottles, etc. used as decorative pieces and vases.

Examples: 1, 2, 3, 4

And there are tutorials on how to silver/mirror a bottle as well, like this.

They could make neat decorations for your own house, or cool gifts.
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A table lamp would be traditional.
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I was at a pizzeria last night that used Jim Beam empties as bottles for drizzling olive oil. All you need is a couple of these guys.
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google earthships
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Make terrariums!
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Those bottle walls take a shitload of bottles. I doubt you singlehandedly drink enough apple schnapps to do much there. They'd make a good a focal point somewhere in a wall of otherwise normal bottles.

I'd get a funnel and use them to store rice/lentils or other kitchen goods on an open shelf.
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I once saw a great low table consisting of hundreds of clustered small perrier bottles as the base and am oddly shaped glass top. Table was very low, but quite effective.
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If nothing else, do you have any friends who are into home brewing? I'll bet if you gave them a bunch of these nice bottles you'd get at least one back, full of good stuff. :)
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Brew ginger beer in them!
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Bottle Tree?
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