Laptop-to-projector cable headache
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I want to connect an iBook G4 to an Optoma PT100 projector - is this possible?

The Mini-DVI to VGA adapter cable I have won't work - the projector needs a cable with a male (w/pins) connector to be connected to the laptop. Is there an alternative?

We also have a Dell Inspirion 1525 that we can use as an alternate - if the Mac won't work, advice RE: the correct cable for this laptop will be greatly appreciated.
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I'm not sure I understand the problem. You have a mini-DVI to VGA adapter for the iBook - to my knowledge, that have a female VGA connector. The projector should have come with a VGA cable with a male connector on the PC side. Those should fit together. If it didn't come with that cable, you'll have to buy it separately. If for some reason I can't fathom, the VGA cable has a female connector on the PC side, you'll also have to buy another cable with the proper connectors, or an adapter.
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Best answer: Sorry, I didn't read the manual closely enough. Apparently the projector does not come with a VGA cable. You'll need to buy one separately. You'll need any old VGA monitor cable - though avoid the cheapest ones, they can have issues with ghosting and image quality.
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Best answer: You need a VGA cable. Monoprice is a good place for cheap cabling.
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Response by poster: Thanks to you both - obviously I'm hopeless novice w/this type of thing. Off to get a VGA cable :)
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