How do you beat Lucia on Wii Resort Table Tennis?
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Is it possible to beat Lucia on Wii Resort Table Tennis? If so, how??

I beat every player 6-0, then I get to Lucia and I lose 0-6 every time. So my ranking goes +150, -150, +150, -150. It's getting pretty boring.

The problem is that she drives me back away from the table and I can't seem to do anything to stay closer. Why does my Mii back up with her but he doesn't back up with any of the other players?

Also, she seems to be able to return pretty much everything.

I really think this is a rare blunder by Wii: The difference between Lucia and the player who is one step below her is enormous.

Anyway, I'm venting: My real question is, have you beaten her? How?
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Stay near the table and flick everything backhand in front of your body. Keep movement to a mimimum. In the real physics of the game it's a reasonable tactic. On the Wii it's infallible.
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If it makes you feel better, you are not the first person to ask this question (though you are the highest ranking Google result!) There is video, which will help.
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