Music that goes BLEEP BLOOP FIZZZ HUSSSSSSSSSSHHHH BOOM in no discernible order?
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I recently picked up Sam Prekop's latest album, Old Punch Card, expecting something at least akin to his previous solo albums and work in The Sea & Cake. Instead I got this, and this, and this—and it's blowing my mind. What else can you tell me about experimental electronica 'music' that goes BLEEP BLOOP FIZZZ HUSSSSSSSSSSHHHH BOOM in no discernible order?
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The Portal 2 soundtrack.
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Best answer: Christian Fennesz' "Endless Summer" is celebrating its ten year anniversary this summer.

Oval's Ovalprocess is probably the best (most true and most enjoyable to listen) example of the music you describe, but it's also 10 or 11 years old.

You could start with those.
But there is lots more.
Lunchtime now.
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Do you know Autechre at all? Especially around the Tri Repetate era, they made music that was slightly more austere and less jolly than the stuff you posted, but pretty similar to my ears - try this or this.
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Best answer: I really liked Fennesz's Field Recordings, less so Endless Summer. Great, mechanical, organic sound, like listening to a clothes dryer spinning in a dark room.
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Response by poster: They don't have to be contemporary albums/artists. =)

The Portal 2 soundtrack is cool—thanks empath—but not really what I'm looking for here.

Fennesz and Ovalprocess are spot on! Lots more? You eat, I'll be following youtube sidebar links and waiting. Also found Nuna Canavarro's Plux Quba (#9) via Pitchfork review of Old Punch Card.
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Best answer: You may like Nobukazu Takemura, much of his work has a similar mix of playfulness and experimentation. Kepler
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Best answer: Matmos. Yes, those are samples of liposuction being used here.
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Best answer: Four Tet probably qualifies.
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Look for artists from the Mille Plateaux and Raster-Noton labels.

Example: Alva Noto (Carsten Nicolai).

Alva Noto: Xerrox Monophaser 1
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Best answer: Prekop's always been influenced by the Kraut end of electronic music, so bands like Tangerine Dream, Cluster, Sand and TONTO all have these warm, arpeggiated soundscapes going on. Also, Stereolab.

I'll see if I can knock together a mix for you.
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You've entered the early days of experimental IDM. Though the wiki page on Intelligent Dance Music is a bit messy, there are some good artists mentioned. I wanted to say that Black Dog might be your cuppa, but there's a LOT from The Black Dog to dig through. Until I can pin down thoughts there, try a sample from 1995. Probably a miss, maybe not.
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Response by poster: Found Pauline Oliveros lurking in a forgotten corner of my hard drive. This.
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Best answer: +1 on Nobukazu Takemura. Icefall is beautiful. Listen carefully. there's more to it than seems at first.
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Best answer: Sufjan Stevens - Enjoy Your Rabbit
(aka "The last Sufjan album in a store". It seldom sells because it's all just bleep-bloopery.)
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Response by poster: Yes, those are samples of liposuction being used here.

Ha! I have that album!

"The last Sufjan album in a store"

Ha! I have that album!

Cluster came up with some searching, and yeah OK!

This is excellent. Thanks to all!
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less glitchy, but picks up on the trebly melody in your samples: Isan?
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Sorry I can't view Youtube links from my work computer but here's some leads for you anyway...

Japanese artist - Cornelius

Plaid - former members of The Black Dog, are my chosen soundtrack for playing video games.

Australian groups - Seekae, PVT (formerly Pivot) and also members of Pivot's side project Triosk, for more experimental electro-jazzy sounds (similar to The Necks)

Also, check out the label Clan Analogue, particularly the artists Atone, and Pear-Shaped (same guy, different name).
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Random suggestions that may not be random enough:

Check out stuff from FAX records if you can find any, which is Pete Namlook's ambient label.

If you can find the "Insomnia - We Never Sleep" compilation from Staalplat Records, that's a favorite experimental/ambient/noise compilation of mine from way back.

La Petite Orb (The Orb) - Pomme Fritz

The Orb - UFOrb.

Coil - almost anything by Coil. Horse Rotavator, Coil Vs. Aleph, The Snow EP, much more.

Nurse With Wound - Who Can I Turn To Stereo?

Aphex Twin - Selected Ambient Works 1 and 2
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Best answer: If you like Fennesz and Oval, the one album that is my personal gold standard for this type of music is the unfortunately practically-ungoogleable So (self-titled album). It is a collaboration between Markus Popp (of Oval) and Eriko Toyoda, and it deserves to be much more famous than it ever was. It is a little noisier and more broody than the links you posted, but A, C, and D, in particular are sublime.

Also, check out the videos by Pleix, particularly this one, featuring music by Kid606. And this one, by Bleip.
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Apparat's discography is like this, though his website unhelpfully does not have audio samples.
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I'm no expert, but the first link in the question made me think of Boards of Canada.
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