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Where can I sell my brilliant cartoon?

I just created a cartoon. It isn't brilliant (just said that to suck you in), but it's reasonably amusing. It involves a map and words, so it isn't a hand drawn kind of cartoon. I was about to stick in on Facebook for cheap laffs and then thought, hey, maybe I can make money on this. So, where can I sell it? Online, in print, I don't care. I'm just a mercenary artist looking for a quick buck.
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Do you mean an idea for a webcomic or a single one-shot illustration?

If it's the former, you can look into setting up a website for it. Moderately popular comics can bring in some ad money if you have a premise that grabs people (or promote it in enough places to garner a decent fan base). But I think most money in that sector is gained through selling books and merchandise, which requires a large and/or loyal audience to support. That's what Daisy Owl did, for instance.

If it's a one-shot, you might try your luck at a site like Threadless. If your idea can fit on a t-shirt according to their parameters and gains enough votes from the community, you can earn a cool $2,000, plus royalties whenever it's reprinted. That seems more likely to succeed than shopping around to various magazines or whatever, especially if you're not already familiar with the industry.
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I think it's unwise to try and sell a comic using an illustration someone else drew.
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