Decipher handwritten German letter?
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Germanfilter: Can someone help me translate this German handwritten letter?

This is a current letter written this month, Karl Heinz grew up in Germany and is married to Barbara. Karl just passed on Saturday after a long and painful hospital stay so it may be a general letter or one of condolences.

I punched some of it into Google Translate but it's hard for me to decipher the cursive characters. Any help is appreciated!

oh, and the words at the end that got cut off seem to be "alles schafft."
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Best answer: My German hasn't been exercised much recently so I may have lost some nuance, but here's the gist:
Bremerhaven, the 17th of May

Dear Karl-Heinz and family,

We've just heard from your children that you're still in the hospital. Karl-Heinz, you know how often my thoughts are with you. How much I would like to help you. But we have to take what fate hands to us. I pray every evening for you and wish you the best. I'm writing these lines so you know how often we think of you. Thank God you have your family who is always there for you. I think it's wonderful that they send us updates. Dear Karl-Heinz, we hope that you're not in pain and that you'll be better once you're back home.

I wish Barbara, you, and your children much strength during your medical care. I wish the best for all of you. I'm so thankful that [something about caring for someone else].

Karl-Heinz, we wish you all love and goodness. My thoughts are with you. Rolf and Renate also send their warmest greetings and wishes to get well. We walk so often of you. We wish you, Barbara, and your children the best from Klarchen, Renate and Rolf. I also wish you much strength so that everything works out.
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Best answer: On preview, I see that someone *just answered this*! Damn! But I'll post mine anyway :)

Here's a quick transcription and translation. My German's pretty rusty, and I couldn't read everything, but hopefully this helps! By the way, this keyboard doesn't have an umlaut, so I used "oe", "ue", etc. - for example, "wünsche" becomes "wuensche". This should work fine for Google Translate if necessary.

Bremenhaven(?) der 17/5

Lieber Karl-Heinz und Familie,

Von deiner Kinder haben wir gehoert, dass Du noch immer im Krankenhaus bist. Karl Heinz du glaubst nicht, wie oft meine Gedanken bei Dir sind. Wie gerne wuerde ich Dir helfen. Aber wir muessen alles so nehmen, wie das Schicksal es bestimmt.

Ich bete jeden Abend fuer Dich und wuensche dir nur das Beste. Ich schreibe Dir diese Zeilen(?), damit Du weisst wie oft wir an Dich denken. Gott sei dank hast Du ja Deine Familie die immer fur Dich da sind. Ich finde es so lieb, dass sie uns immer Nachricht zu kommen lassen. Dir, lieber Karl-Heinz wuensche ich, dass Du nicht so viele Schmerzen hast und wenn Du wieder zu Hause bist, dass es Dir etwas besser geht.

Barbara Dir und Deinen Kindern wunsche ich ganz viel Kraft bei der Pflege. Euch allen wuensche ich nur das Beste. Ich bin Euch so dankbar, das Ihr Euch(?) so lieb im Euern Vati kuemmert.

Karl-Heinz Dir noch mal alles, alles Liebe + Gute. In meinen Gedanken bin ich bei Dir. Auch von Rolf + Renate(?) ganz liebe Gruesse + gute Besserung. Wir sprechen so viel von Euch, Dir Barbara und Deinen Kindern, ganz liebe Grusse von Klaerchen, Renate + Rolf. Ich wuensche dir nur ganz viel Kraft das Ihr alles [schafft].

Bremenhaven, May 17

Dear Karl Heinz and family,

We've heard from your children that you're still in the hospital. Karl Heinz, you wouldn't believe how often my thoughts are with you. How very much I wish I could help you. But we have to take everything as Fate wills it.

I pray(?) for you every evening, and wish you only the best. I am writing you this (don't know what this word is), so that you know how often we are thinking about you. Thank God you have your family, who are always there for you. I find it so wonderful, that they always keep us up with the latest news(?). I wish, Karl Heinz, that you were not in so much pain and that when (if?) you are back home again, that you'll feel better.

I wish you, Barbara, and your children strength during your recovery (care?). I wish you all only the best. I am so thankful to you that you are taking care of your father.

Karl Heinz, once more, all love and good things. I am with you in my thoughts. Also, fond greetings and well wishes from Rolf and Renate(?). We talk about you so often, Barbara, and your children; very fond greetings from Clare, Renate and Rolf. I wish you much strength and that everything works out for you.
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Response by poster: Wow thank you so much, it's really greatly appreciated! Metafilter for the win, once more.
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