Summer Music Pop Extragavanza.
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I'm looking to expand my "happy music" collection for summer. I'm thinking pop music that is fun to sing along to and scream that is catchy as hell. Suggestions?

I seem to have too much indie/emo/folk music that I love. But it is summer. And it is time to cheer up with catchy fun pop music.

My background: love Katy Perry. Love Ke$ha (yes I know. What can I say it is catchy), Lady Gaga.

It doesn't have to be right along those lines or anything. Just super fun music that is loud and fast and is catchy. Above all catchy. Bonus if it's a whole album. Thanks!
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i have a million ideas, but i'll leave it at mika for now.
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Probably as old as you are, but check out Katrina and the Waves' "Walking on Sunshine" Happiest song EVER, and very shoutable "and don't it feel GOOD!" lyric and a tempo that keeps accelerating. Sounds like summer. Have fun.
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Love Shack
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Here are two I've been listening to a lot lately. I made a playlist. I'll add more as I think of them!

Cut Copy - Take me Over
Bebe Manga - Ami O
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The Flatmates: I Could Be in Heaven
The Ramones: Rockaway Beach
The Undertones: Here Comes the Summer
Tullycraft: How to Stuff a Wild Bikini
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The soundtracks to Pulp Fiction and Go make me think of summer. Lots of catchy, singable stuff on there.
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Cee Lo Green: F*** You (or Forget You, in the clean version, though much shoutier in the original)
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Pretty much anything by Lily Allen should fit your bill. She has got a wicked sense of humor but her songs are extremely poppy.
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You can't not bop to this. I blare it when I'm at the gym and need a good, fast, fun groove. I think I just saw a movie trailer that uses it for about 3 nanoseconds.
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When people use words like "summer" and "fun" and "catchy" and "pop," my mind goes to only one song in the last decade and a half: Steal My Sunshine.
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Grace Kelly - Mika
In A Big Country - Big Country (still holds up!)
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Just super fun music that is loud and fast and catchy

Why not just listen to The Ramones?

Here, here are 20,000+ Ramones videos. I'm sure you'll find something you like.
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Dragonette - Our Summer
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Me First & The Gimme GImmes is a punk cover side band/supergroup. They do themed albums - 60s, 70s/80s, country, showtunes... My personal favorite is their "black artists" album, Take a Break. Can't link, but check out their versions of "I'll Be There" and "Nothing Compares 2 U" on Youtube.
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Mother's Milk by the Chili Peppers
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And if you're not a Beatles fan (yet), their "1" singles collection probably has the highest concentration of upbeat instant-gratification songs.
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8tracks (Search happy).

You're welcome.
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I asked this question last year and got a whole shitload of awesome responses. Enjoy!
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Of course Summer in the City, but also Billy Stewart's sublime version of Summertime. You can't not sing to that song.
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Wow. Are you me? Here is my list:

Taylor Swift's Love Story and Mine (other songs in album also good, but might not be what you are looking for)

Pink's Raise Your Glass (or the Glee version, and you should get the whole album while you are at it as they also have covers of Katy Perry)

Taio Cruz's Dynamite

Flo Rida's Club Can't Handle Me Right Now

Shrek 1 and 2 soundtrack albums (I especially love Accidentally in Love)

Click Five's first album

Jonas Brothers's first album (I know what you are thinking, but it so incredibly cheesy fun pop)
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The Breeders' Last Splash is my go-to summer driving album. Even the maudlin songs have kind of a raw shouty energy. :)
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Matt & Kim
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Beach Baby
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Junior Senior: Move Your Feet
Junior Senior: Can I Get Get Get
Junior Senior: Take My Time

MC Miker G and DJ Sven: Holiday

Yolanda Be Cool: Afro Nuts (DCUP Remix)

Carpenters: We've Only Just Begun
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My bet is on this song being the jam this summer - Nicki Minaj's Super Bass bumping out of every car bumping at the stoplight, rising like a bubblegum cloud above every pack of girls laughing down the street.

SO and I've been bouncing around the apartment like big-eyed pink-haired maniacs nonstop all week. Boomboodoomboom baby!
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And I've posted about this song before, but recently we drove - with the windows down, at night, by the beach, over an arcing bridge - with this Starf*ckers De La Soul remix blasting - and we went back and forth over the bridge a couple times just to listen to it again and again coming over the hill. DIY summer roller coaster. This song has the shimmer of heat rising from the pavement.

Also burly old-school hip-hop purist SO is not afraid to admit that he is singing Taylor Swift's Mean at the top of his lungs at this very moment.
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NKOTBSB by New Kids on the Block & Backstreet Boys is right up your alley. You want catchy pop, you've got it.

Destiny's Child
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Dog-Eared Summer by Brite Futures.
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Also, The Hold Steady.
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Michael Franti's ">Sound of Sunshine

Lily Allan
Lady Sovereign
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Also, The Hold Steady.

Er, most of it doesn't really fit the OP, but Constructive Summer is closest

Meet Me By The Water - Saturday Looks Good To Me

anything by Best Coast or Wavves fits this

When I'm With You - Best Coast

King of the Beach - Wavves

all their songs are like this

The New Pornographers are my go to power pop indie band. here's Sing Me Spanish Techno and Electric Version

on the same note, Fountains of Wayne:

Mexican Wine
Red Dragon Tattoo
Survival Car

Aussie indie pop:

Crayon Fields

The Hummingbirds

Architecture in Helsinki have a few:

Do the Whirlwind
Contact High
Heart It Races
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