Help me to find a dress like this!
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dress filter: looking for dresses similar to this for outdoor wedding.

I'm getting married at the end of this summer and it is to be a small, casual, outdoor ceremony. So I'm not looking for any heavy long "wedding" dresses that will cost me a fortune. I liked this dress minus the sash because it is breezy, vintage-like, delicate, lace-and-tulle-y and NOT strapless (I don't feel comfortable in strapless dresses) and still under $150....but it may look a bit too casual for the wedding (or my mother would say so). So dear MeFites, any recommendations for white/off-white dresses that are not strapless with an element of lace/tulle? Or any recommendations for where to look for such?
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These are a little more formal and traditional than the dress you linked, but they are customizable. Also, I initially wanted something very casual for my wedding, and ended up wanting something fabulous.

You can get a custom dress made for you for less than the cost of many ready made dresses. I am a huge fan of Kimera in Brooklyn. Yvonne, the designer, makes beautiful vintage inspired dresses, and you can choose the styling, details, fabric etc. Her web site only shows a small fraction of the possible designs, but it gives you a general feel of her style.

My sister in law got a beautiful dress from Aria and it wasn't very expensive at all.
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Maybe this? I'm a huge fan of this store. and Congrats!
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Definitely on the pricey side (more like regular wedding gown $), but maybe the kind of aesthetic you're looking for?

BHLDN. I think they're owned by Anthropologie.
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Not delicate looking like the one you linked to but these two have sort of a sixties vibe:

Lily Pulitzer white lace

Laundry dress

More at Zappos.

This has a vintage vibe. JCrew has many other white dresses, including pretty wedding dresses.

Waltz Away

On Cloud Nine Divine

I love looking for clothes on the internet. I might be back with another answer. I agree with your mom. You should go as dressy and elegant as the venue with allow. Wear something that is beautiful and that you absolutely love. Do not settle! Congratulations!
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BCBG has a whole selection of really cute little white dresses. I almost went for an eyelet one before deciding to go long.

Also, check out Shopbop's white dress selection - also lots of very cute options with this season's fresh eyelet and summer lace looks.
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Just this morning I was drooling over this dress. Also casual, but not as casual.

And this other one from the same site is similar.
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A few more suggestions. And three more.
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I would go straight to Etsy! Here are a few different styles I found in like 10 minutes, all below $200 (some WELL below that):

Tank top style (not strapless, but minimal strappage)
All lace
Lace bodice (lots of really pretty, well-priced stuff at this shop!)
Gauzy lacy accenting
Some tulle

I just browsed women's clothing, didn't type in "wedding" at all! "Wedding" dresses will skew more expensive, but there's a lot that's not labeled as wedding dresses that I could imagine fitting your criteria.
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Free People usually has some nice lacy dresses at or below your price point. A lot of their stuff is hippy chic, but some of it is very pretty. If you have a store near you, take a look.
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I think I know what you're looking for but most of the previous suggestions seem to not meet your ideal price of $150 maximum. Also it's a type of look you're going for tends to cost more than it actually looks like from my brief research.

I have a feeling that you'll like most of the looks from this store free people

Here are few of my suggestions

free people option 1

free people option 2

free people option 3
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Lands' End Canvas Eyelet Shift Dress (dodgy reviews -- needs to be taken in, I suspect -- and limited sizes left in white, but throwing it out just in case)

(Re. Etsy -- beware of mass-made-in-China dresses; see for example)
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Just realized that wondermouse beat me to it!
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Response by poster: oh wow, thank you for all the suggestions. Please keep them coming! I'll have to sit down and go through them one by one later :)

pourtant, I did look through BHLDN dresses and they're lovely indeed. They're a bit pricey but I might try their bridesmaid dresses.

kmennie, thanks for the link. Etsy is awesome but Regretsy is awesomer!
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I think I've seen a perfect dress for you. But it's at H&M, which doesn't have an online catalog - not an extensive one, at least. It's a white net/tulle dress, tea length (but flowy, not poufy) with embroidery/lace/minimal beads on the bodice and parts of the skirt. It's amazing. I think it's around $70. I would buy it in a heartbeat if I had anywhere to wear it.

If you are anywhere near an H&M I would go look immediately. It's from their spring catalog and they've just introduced their summer line so they'll be clearing that stuff out soon.
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I just found this lovely dress at Anthropologie. It seems to have a similar feeling to your original dress, though it's slightly different. It's $198.
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Ah, drat! I'm sorry, I just noticed the not-strapless caveat. I have added simple spaghetti straps to a sleeveless dress from Anthropologie before - it worked well. I don't think adding sleeves would work on this dress, though it would be nice with a cardigan that matches the flowers.
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I love this Canopy Lookout dress from Anthropologie.

J. Crew has a lot of nice ones. Like this and this.

Darn it! I already decided to make my dress for my own backyard wedding (after buying two on clearance from J. Crew), but now I want some of these!
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just ran across this by accident (forgive if already posted, enjoy the lulzy styling w/black undergarments...)
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Sorry - late to the party on this. This isn't white but it is very pale, and the tea length gives it a more "special occasion" vibe than a shorter dress.

And this one is gorgeous, too. They're both just a little over the $150 mark, but hey - it's your wedding!!

Congratulations on your nuptials!
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