Free Mac OCR/E-book software/toolchain
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How can I get from paper to e-books for free on a Mac?

I have:
  • Several books with the text blocks cut from the bindings,
  • Rights to said books, but not digital source files for them,
  • A scanner with a duplex automatic document feeder,
  • A Mac,
  • Decent computer chops (I was a CS major in undergrad), and
  • A budget of $0.00.
I need:
  • Plain-text EPUB files of the aforementioned books. Some have a few diagrams; incorporating those would be nice but not necessary.
How can I get from Point A to Point B?
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I don't know too much about the Mac toolchains, but I do know where you can find an answer. Consider asking this question at the mobileread forums, where there are open source software packages and people dedicated to format conversion, or the forum I run, which is dedicated to book scanning of all kinds.
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You'd be a fool not to start with bittorrent.
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Might be easier and faster to use digital cameras. Here is a reference to an ultra-low cost approach. Also some useful links.
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I'm not sure if you could use Ghostscript to help with making PDFs, but you can convert PDFs to the epub format with Calibre.

Not sure how fancy the final product would be, but I like Calibre for personal use.
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