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New music is released on Tuesdays in the US (previously). However, multiple new CDs are being released tomorrow, the 23rd, which is a Monday. Why?

According to several online retailers, all of the new music being released this week (Lady Gaga, Brad Paisley, She Wants Revenge, Glee volume 6, etc.) is being released on Monday, the 23rd. Does anyone know why they're being released a day early?
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The only explanation I've heard (from a record label exec) about releasing music on a non-standard day was to try and avoid getting lost in the slew of thousands of other releases.

But not sure why so many would be doing that.
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Best answer: Perhaps because May 30th is a holiday in the US?
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No inside knowledge, but my first thought was the same as knappster - leading in to the Memorial Day weekend somehow throws weekly schedules out of whack... The big studios release movies on Wednesday instead of Friday to inflate the holiday weekend gross. Maybe it's a similar ploy by the recording side of the business?
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Just as an additional data point, I don't really see any similar pattern with video game releases this week.
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Best answer: I work at a record store. Gaga was pushed up to Monday first, and everyone followed suit. Labels are under the impression most people won't make a trip two days in a row for the new releases, so they want to capture the Gaga fans.
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The whole reason CDs & DVDs (and now videogames as well) are released on Tuesdays has to do with shipping. Considering Monday follows Sunday, the day when USPS/FedEx/UPS/etc are all closed, they can't guarantee that retail locations substantially outside of major distribution hubs (I'm looking at you Marquette, MI) will receive major releases in time to release on Mondays. Thus, the industry pushed back to Tuesday to give one final day for last minute and rushed early releases.

Tremspeed is right. Lady Gaga is making an utter circus out of her new album release, and to make that major impact, she shifted her release date to a Monday. Knowing that there are many shoppers who go to retailers religiously on New Release Tuesday for all the new music and movies, it's likely distributors will want to tie sales of other big releases to the major sales predicted for Born This Way. Epically big releases of other things have been moved to Fridays when theater releases are weak for the weekend.
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