Corrupted bookmarks in Word 2007
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Word 2007 bookmark bug. Can you help?

I am working with a nearly 1000-page long Word document that consists almost entirely of tables which are cross-linked by bookmarks. In total there are probably about 1200 non-hidden bookmarks in the document. I wouldn't know about the others.

The document is regularly edited and has been mostly stable, but yesterday something happened to these navigational bookmarks.

The bookmarks are created as follows: each table has a title row and a bookmark is inserted in the title text only. We navigate through the document by cross-referencing those bookmarks in subsequent tables. In addition to these title bookmarks, there is also a single table of several hundred rows, of which the text in the first cell of each row is also bookmarked, and referenced inside of subsequent tables.

The problem: Yesterday the right square bracket that delimits each title bookmark somehow shifted to one of the next several rows of text. The new position of the right bracket could be at the end of the next row of text after the title, or in the middle of the row after that.

Have you seen anything like this? Is there a way to correct the issue without having to go to an earlier clean version of the doc and redoing the edits?
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All the changes you can make to the bookmarks are in this help topic.
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Thanks. I'm familiar with those, but what I'm seeing here is a wholesale modification of these title bookmarks that can't be explained by any kind of global edit that might have been done on them. I believe it's a bug in Word 2007 that Microsoft may not be aware of.
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