I control my friends web domain, what pranks can I play on him?
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I have control of a friends web domain. Any good ideas for some (good-natured) pranks we can play on him?

Nothing malicious, harmful or mean. Ideas that are fun or interesting.

The domain is pointing to my server. I can't edit the DNS records, but I can do anything else.
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I don't think we can answer this without knowing more about the domain. And I don't think I would WANT to give suggestions without knowing what kind of web site it is. For example, if this is a site about his/her interest in furry troll dolls, I would say "go for it, anything is fair game", but if this is a web site honoring his/her lovely deceased grandmother, I would tell you not to mess with it.

more info please.
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FBI seizure notice?
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Build them a 1994 style personal home page, complete with blinking multi-colored text, crappy animations and midi music.
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You should make this conditional based on his IP address, so only he sees it.

Take a look at http://bieber.ly/ Float Justin over his site with Javascript.

Reverse proxy another site on the top of his.

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Response by poster: He doesn't have a website at the moment. It's just the domain for email, and so his site is just a blank white page right now. Looking for something fun to do with it :)
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How about a simple redirect to something strange. Changed on a daily basis.
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See, a dead webpage wont get crawled and indexed without reason (or time). Doing anything more than a redirect will either take too much time to get quality practical joke traffic, or be something that will really be not worth the time.

With that said, outsource. Get his mom to make him a youtube video about him not calling and visiting. And now he's even gone and gotten this web page without even telling her... Is he spending too much time on this interweb thing and not enough time finding anyone? She'd like to be a grandmother someday - she may not live forever... yada yada yada...

Give him something sentimental, yet minorly depricating showing his family wishing him good luck with his website.
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I second crabintheocean. Try to get a hold of an awkward middle school photo and put that up. Then figure out a regrettable/nerdy/embarrassing phase he went through and create a GeoCities page that looks like it was made as his tribute to whatever silly pop culture fad he went through for a short period of time.

Obviously, not knowing your friend I can't recommend anything specific, but pretty much everyone had a phase like this in their early teens.
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Best answer: This only works if you are local to this friend and can visit him. Next time you're in his bathroom, hold your camera phone up near the ceiling and take a high-angle shot of the room. Then create a web page that features that photo with the title "Live Web Cam" above it. Bonus points for adding details to make it more realistic, like adding a timestamp when the page loads.
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Response by poster: Fantastic idea :D
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i like burnmp3's idea, you can add additional "live" cams of his bed, etc...
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Naturally, anything you do will be indexed forever. And assuming your friend doesn't put up a site of his own, your joke will continue to appear in search results for a long, long time.
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If you add a "live" cam of his bedroom and the walls are bare, be sure to enlist a Photoshop wizard to add embarrassing decor. (E.g., Justin Bieber poster, sex toy on the nightstand, etc.)
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