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Are there any sites (using google maps or similar) which will highlight an area a certain distance by road away from a given location?

Without the "by road" requirement I know this is simple - take a map and superimpose a circle on it. That's not what I want.

What I want to say is "I'm here and I'm willing to travel up to 5 miles by road, where can I get to?"

Does such a tool exist?
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Best answer: How Far Can I Travel
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OMG I was just trying to find something like this yesterday! This is perfect! Thank you!

(OP, are you a Streetcar member? That's what prompted my search, heh.)
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Response by poster: Clarissa - nope, I'm a guy who's trying to get cycling more often, so I was going to drive somewhere and cycle a distance from that point.

twisted mister - as you may have guessed, spot on. Thank you.
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