Mouse Girl in Paris
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[Bookfilter]: A friend asks "HELP! About 20 years ago I found a picture book at the library. It was about a little mouse girl who was being raised by a bear in Paris. The mouse had a name like Angelina -- but NOT Angelina Ballerina. Got any idea what it was?" Does this description ring any bells? Thanks!
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When it comes to mice, Paris and picture books, the Anatole series by Eve Titus will be mentioned. Unfortunately, this doesn't sound like them.
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I've read this book -- or another in that series -- and I have it at home, but I cannot for the life of me remember the title. I'll update tonight if no one gets it by then.
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Ernest and Celestine!
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Yes, definitely Ernest and Celestine.
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I had this book en francais as a child. J'adore Ernest et Celestine!
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Ooooh, I was just reminiscing about Ernest and Celestine with my family this weekend :) great books!
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Thanks, Jeanne, she says that's the book!
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