Are these songs the same?
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Today I noticed that Secret Garden's Song from a Secret Garden sounds similar to the Howl's Moving Castle theme. The strange thing is that the first song was released a decade before the film and Howl's Moving castle soundtrack is listed as an original soundtrack. I am kind of tone deaf so I wondered if any musicians could confirm or debunk this.
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But the Secret Garden one sounds awfully like something else I can't put a name to.
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Best answer: They have similar opening figures/chords but they depart after the first few measures. They are in different meters, too.
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Best answer: Judging by the YouTube comments on it, you're not the only one who believes so, and I can hear the similarity, mostly in the way it's played (Howl's Moving Castle being big on the soft piano and soulful violin). So no, they're not the same song, and I don't suspect that there's any plagiarism going on. At the same time, yes, they're stylistically very similar, and do sound almost like they could have been composed by the same person.

And carter, if you're anything like me, then it reminded you of Faure's Pavane.
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And carter, if you're anything like me, then it reminded you of Faure's Pavane

Yes yes yes! No I can go back to work ...
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No/now ...
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Best answer: No. I've done lots of transcriptions and as song similarities go, that one is slight.
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