Motorola Droid Screen Won't Turn on
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Motorola Droid took a fall, now the screen won't turn on, How do I fix it myself?

My sister dropped her Motorola Droid (the original one) with 3 weeks left on her contract, she waited in agony for the day she could upgrade. Now that she has her shiny white iphone 4 (ugh), she handed me the thing and said she didn't care about it any more.

I followed some online guides on how to take it apart, its now in pieces on my desk. I was hoping resetting some wires would fix the issue, but that was not the case. :/

I know the phone still works, I turned it on while it was still in pieces and it buzzed. When it was turned on, I could touch the screen and get it to vibrate too.

So, what do you recommend? Replacement parts are not dirt cheap for the Droid to just buy and try something. So I really wan't to try and zero in on the issue.

Thanks! :D
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If you plug it into a computer, is it recognized?
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Response by poster: I haven't tried that, If it turns on, it should be recognizable. :/
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It might just be the backlight, can you see anything at all on the screen if you have it under a good source of light?

If not, you're likely going to have to replace the screen.
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I had the same problem with an original Droid previously.

Short version: find a repair shop or repair kiosk in a mall. They exist.
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Can you look on There are some really great repair and troubleshooting guides there.
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