Day trip to Greenland from Iceland
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My fellow thespian seagull and I are considering a day trip to Greenland from Iceland in early July. We are seeing mixed reviews online with a few of the Air Iceland destinations. Because the trip adds a large chuck of change to the cost of the trip we are questioning it's value. Can you tell me if it is worth it or not?

Additionally -- if it is totally worth it to go, what should we do while there?
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Well, you would be going to E Greenland, to one settlement. You would see the icebergs and glaciers on your way over, then stay at a hotel and return the next day.

The better way to see Greenland is by boat.

I took a trip from Reykjavik to the W coast of Greenland with Hurtigruten last year - it was spendy but spectacular. One day in Kulusuk will offer you some bragging rights ("I was in Greenland!") but you will not see the same charm and drama of the country as you would on a longer trip.
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Yeah, seawallrunner is right: a boat trip would be better, you'd see more & have a much better experience. It's a starkly beautiful country, and you'll want to see as much of it as possible.

If all someone wanted was those bragging rights, a weekly SAS flight used to stop for a couple hours at Thule AB way up on the northwest coast of Greenland; don't know if it still does.
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