whither widget?
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Trying to find a blog widget that enables me to list events for the current day.

Right now on my blog I have a weekly post, which goes up Monday, listing the week's events. Unfortunately, by Thursday, this post is normally no longer on the front page. I've thought about, extending the length of the front page, but I think that a sidebar widget would be a more elegant solution.

I'd like it to just list the events from today on. Meaning I don't want Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday to be listed anymore when it's Thursday. It would be great if this could be automated in some way. So there's a list of events, and this widget just switches things out as time passes.

I'm not looking for a calendar. I just want something that would give information like this: THURSDAY, 5/12 - Jimmy and The Bats at Garfunkleland, Brooklyn, NY, 9:00 PM (link)

Is this too much to ask? Having it be automated isn't the biggest deal in the world, it will just save time, headaches.

Also: not using any of the usual blog CMS.
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Best answer: You can embed a Google calendar in Agenda view.

Once you've set up a Google calendar with your events, find it's title in the menu of calendars on the left of the screen.
Click on the dropdown arrow
On the menu that appears, click calendar settings
You'll see "embed this calendar" about halfway down, and within that section of the page, you'll see a link to "customize."
In the new window, make the calendar look the way you want it to (by clicking Agenda, changing the size and colors, etc), and then copy the embed code someplace on your website.
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Seconding jander03, it's super easy to do.
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Response by poster: Thanks Jander03!
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