Looking for Web Collaboration Tool with no Login for Editers
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I'm looking for a web collaboration tool to schedule volunteers. I think a spreadsheet would work best, but I could manage with a document as well. There will be about 5-10 of us that will have editing abilities. The most important part: I don't want them to have to create an account to edit the document. They should be able to edit by just clicking the unique link that I send them via email. I don't mind creating an account myself. Does anyone have an idea for a tool that would work in this situation? Bonus points if we can view/edit on iPhone and Android. Thanks!
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What sorts of features (formatting/HTML-wise) would you like your collaboration tool to have? For low-fi text, Writeboard would meet your requirements, I think.
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Best answer: Google Docs has exactly what you want. Play with the Share settings of a spreadsheet, and you can allow up to 50 users to anonymously edit.
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Response by poster: I already use Google Docs for some other collaborating, so that's the best option for me! I didn't know that anonymous editing feature was in there! I have already tested it on my computer and my phone, and everything works like a charm! Thanks for the quick response!
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