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What are your recommendations for things we should see, do, and eat in Bangalore?

I leave for Bangalore with my family (myself, my wife, and 3 children from 3 to 8) on Saturday and we will be there for a month. I asked this question previously about our travel after our time in Bangalore.

I would love to hear any recommendations for great things to do in the city, or great restaurants, or must-see places, etc. I have gone to other places on the web, but I just thought that some MeFites might have some direct knowledge.
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I spent two months in Bangalore, ten years ago, and the best thing I did there was go with a friend's father to a bunch of temples he knew about that were not in the guide book--places that did not get tourists. I'm afraid I only have photos, not names. Likewise, the best food that I ate was prepared in home kitchens. So my suggestion is make good friends there who might be willing to share their more private experience of Bangalore with you.

Among the more interesting things to see, regionally, are the ruins of the Vijayanagara empire at Hampi, which I see Sara C. recommended to you previously, and I 2nd that.
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Best answer: If you are a meat-eater, the Only Place is(was) delicious. And I third Hampi!
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My family loves to eat at Olive Beach when we are in Bangalore.
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Best answer: I've been going back to Bangalore since childhood to visit family, (was there as recently as last year) and I'm sad to say that the city has lost a lot of its charm in recent years due to construction and pollution driven by the IT industry. It used to be known as the "Garden City," but a lot of people now refer to it as the "Garbage City."

That being said, there are still some great sites to see. The other question you posted got these sites: Cubbon Park, MG Road, the Giant Shiva Statue, and the Secretariat and High Court. I would also add Gandhi Bazaar for some old school Bangalore vibes, Brigade Road for shopping, and the long list of hotels for the restaurants, spas, etc.

The same string mentioned Mysore, which is good for a day trip. I would also add Nundi Hills and one of the "mini safaris" that are offered at the zoo for your list of day trips. Its important to note that traffic in Bangalore is crazy these days. If you're planning on going anywhere during business/commute hours, plan on averaging 20-25 mph.

General advice about Bangalore restaurants: Hotels get the most ex-pats and international travelers, and thus tend to have the chefs trained outside of India. If you go for any kind of non-Asian food, especially Italian, I would stick with the hotels, unless you want an Indian dish with a foreign name. If you kids really want food that reminds them of home, there are plenty of fast food chain restos in Bangalore, but Pizza Hut is probably your best bet. There are also a ton of grocery stores that have a lot of what you'd want for basic American dishes. The main coffee shop chain is called "Cafe Coffee Day." Hot drinks are fine there, but if it's a cold drink, watch out. The milk isn't always refrigerated properly.
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