What's the best way to data mine Twitter?
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I'm looking to start a prototype research project to look for trends in Twitter data. I've had a look through the API docs and with a lot of sharpening my python chops (?) I think it does what I want. But: does the API give me access to every query possible and I just have to learn how to use it, or is there some kind premium API so that e.g. analytics companies can pay for better access? I know about the API call limit, I'm wondering about things like the completeness of any search results, or fields/queries available. Any recommended resources also much appreciated.
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Best answer: The phrase you're looking for is the twitter firehose. There is a premium api access to every tweet but you can't just walk up and pay for it. You have to apply to twitter and they only approve a select number of people to get that full access. You're probably better off working with one of the companies that are already approved. More details on the twitter blog here.
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Best answer: Some search results will be complete but past a certain number of results they start throttling you. This usually works fine for tracking a small number of keywords. If you're looking to actually sample the entire firehose, there is an API method that will give you a tiny piece of that for free, but as jourman2 notes getting the entire firehose is notoriously difficult and also quite expensive. In that case, you're probably better off going through a company like Gnip or Spinn3r.
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