Brooklyn 1-bedroom at $1650 max?
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Is there a decent Brooklyn neighborhood where I could find a 1-bedroom apartment for no more than $1650?

I'm a Manhattanite who might be moving soon. I don't think I could deal with living in a studio (especially since I have to work from home a few days a week), so I've been thinking about one-bedrooms. And it seems like those would be easier to find in Brooklyn. I've looked at Craigslist and other websites, but I can't tell what's out there in my price range (max $1600-1650 rent/month). Would I be able to find a 1-bedroom in brownstone Brooklyn in my price range? By brownstone Brooklyn I mean Carroll Gardens, Boerum Hill, Cobble Hill, Park Slope, or something similar: leafy and neighborhoody.

And if it's populated by nice single gay guys, that's a plus.
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Those areas are all getting more expensive fact I was priced OUT of park slope and now live in Manhattan! I think the UES is cheaper now...As usual the cheapest places to live are the farthest (furthest?) out- think south park slope, kensington, etc. I have a friend who is a realtor in Brooklyn Heights, if you want to memail me (my first time using that phrase!) I can put you in touch with her.
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Not sure why you can't tell what's in your price range from Craigslist. Have you looked at any of the (noncomprehensive) sites like Padmapper that aggregate Craigslist posts? There's no overlay for population density of nice single gay guys, but otherwise, should give you a very good idea.
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Response by poster: Not sure why you can't tell what's in your price range from Craigslist.

Because I can't tell what's real and what's a broker bait-and-switch. I also figure that people who actually live there and have looked there would have a good sense of the rents.
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I currently live in Midwood (Avenue M) and have a gigantic 2-bedroom for $1300 a month. Price-wise you wouldn't have a problem. It's mostly houses and families here--not even remotely trendy (which I rather like but doesn't sound like what you're looking for). It's also an easy commute, fwiw.
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I lived in a small one bedroom in Park Slope that was $1,100 in 2006. After that, I lived in a smallish two bedroom for $1,650 until 2008. I suspect rent has gone up, but you should be able to find something if you have time. You'll have much better luck if you can wait to move until fall or early winter.

If you don't mind being in a less fancy neighborhood and want easy park access, you might want to check out Flatbush and Lefferts Gardens. I'm currently paying $1,800 for a large three bedroom in that area.
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It's not on your list but you may enjoy Greenpoint at that price.
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When I last looked for apartments last June, I saw a huge beautiful studio in Clinton Hill for $1,350, a smaller studio in Clinton Hill for around $950, a one-bedroom on Atlantic Avenue in Boerum Hill for $1,250, a one-bedroom in Prospect Heights for around $1,200. Just to give you a sense of what's out there in brownstone Brooklyn. There are a handful of legitimate listings that pop up that are a couple hundred bucks under what seems to be the going rate. It can be done, but you have to be diligent about combing craigslist and calling ASAP because everyone jumps on these. If there's a better way, I wish I knew what it was. Small landlords are good for this.
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Oh, and I think 5th Avenue in Park Slope or Smith Street are probably the best bets for critical mass of gay men, but not totally sure on that front.
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I was also going to 2nd Greenpoint. More 'vinyl-siding' than brownstone, but it's sorta leafy and right on the river and has plenty of teh gayz.
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Have you tried Bay Ridge?
Lots of Brownstones out here.
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Ditmas Park. Very green, leafy. Very safe, and lots of good restaurants, Q and B trains. There aren't really brownstones, but there are nice apartment buildings and large old Victorian houses. It is also within walking distance of Prospect Park. The major downside is it might be a lengthy commute to Manhattan. I leave 45 minutes to be on time/early to get to Union Square.

Not really sure if there is a thriving single gay population or not. But everyone in general here is pretty awesome.

Here's a neighborhood blog about it.

And an article about it in the NYT.
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You won't find that easily in the North Slope or Carroll Gardens near the trains--I know because I did this exact search a month ago-- but you could have a studio in those places, or a 1 bdr in the South Slope (South of 16th st) or South/West Carroll Gardens (west of Henry and/or South of 4th st) or in Gowanus (Nevins-4th ave).
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