What is the make and model of this watch?
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What is the make and model of this wrist watch?

I saw it in a documentary called "Objectified". The watch is stunning, really.
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I saw that documentary, it's really good! My husband is a watch nerd, but can't figure it out. He said it is a tachymeter. That might help with a Google Image search.
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It looks like it could be vintage.
And I suspect it's a quartz movement, unless the case is thicker than it appears.
The styling reminds me of Tissot, Citizen, Hamilton, Seiko, Raymond Weil, and a few others I can't think of at the moment.
There are very few chronograph watches with 4 dials on the main dial.

I'd try asking on a watch forum.
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Best answer: It's the Marc Newson Megapode from his Ikepod watch line.

(Newson is the designer being interviewed during that part of the documentary)
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They may have explained this in the documentary, but the outer three ring scales on the Megapode face are a pilot's E6B calculator. It's a circular slide rule for aviation and lets you do some basic math about how far you'll travel in a certain time, or convert gallons to litres, that kind of thing. No actual watchworks involved, just a rotating slide rule. Few people actually use an E6B in flight anymore, it's more an atavism, but there's a big market in luxury watches for pilots.
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The Megapode is for sale here for at measly 12500 EUR.
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at -> a.
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