Vintage Watch Identification
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Need help identifying a Hamilton 24-hour wristwatch, or at least help pointing me to some knowledgable current forums.

The old story of "my grandfather's watch." Still works. 24-hour dial. Obviously, the face is a little dinged up, but that does say "Hamilton." The back says "Adjusted/HAMILTON/Water-Resistant/Antimagnetic/******Bezel/Stainless Steel Back."

No identifying model name, number, or serial number. I have not opened up the watch (out of fear) to see if there are better identifiers inside.

There's very little about Hamilton 24-hour WRISTwatches...everything is 24-hour pocket watches.

If there's a forum that's a better place for this that you're aware of (and has at least some currently-active members), please let me know.


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Best answer: This guy could probably help
posted by milkrate at 11:51 AM on September 27, 2014

Response by poster: Contacted the Hamilton guy and he identified it in less than 5 minutes via email. Thanks milkrate.
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