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If I've declined a Facebook friend request, and blocked the user, can they still poke me?

I know the obvious answer is to wait and see, but this is a person who has caused me immense grief, and knowing either way whether a poke or not will appear will help.
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Best answer: If the user is blocked then no, they cannot poke you; they can't even see that you exist on facebook
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Best answer: If you block a user, they don't see you at all, so I don't see how they'd be able to find you to poke you. Someone I know blocked me on Facebook (church drama, long story) and I just went to see if I could poke her; doesn't look like it. Not even through the page I manage that she's a fan of (because as pages can't poke)- but I can see her profile which is otherwise blocked from my main personal profile, so if you're a fan of any pages this person manages, you'll want to Un-Like the page.
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Response by poster: I got spooked last year by the visibility of fan pages and 'likes' outside of Facebook and so aren't a fan of anything on there.

Very reassuring to hear from TPS and brainmouse that I am safe from poking ambush!
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Best answer: Yep, if you block someone, it's like you erased yourself from their universe. You don't show up in search, don't show up on mutual friends's friend lists, etc.
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Best answer: I blocked someone once after she'd found and poked me. She checked up on me through her own account, couldn't find me, and then through her husband's, then sent me an email chastising me for blocking her because she totally wasn't going to bother me, etc.

So no, this person cannot contact or even see your listing through his or her account, but you might want to block his or her SO or any other account you think the person might have access to and use to stalk you.
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Your comments on a mutual friend's shared item won't show up, which can be odd if blocked person and mutual friend start having a conversation; it looks like mutual friend is talking to himself.
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Sorry - that could have been clearer. This person whom I blocked used her husband's account to first find me and then send me a message chastising me for blocking her.
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It's also odd when someone blocks you and still posts on mutual friend's items... same effect.
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You can also change your FB name so that it's not exactly like your "real" name. If you're Ellie Bot, you could be LBeeBot. Same idea, but not easily intuited
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You might also want to delete any comments you made on the person's wall or pictures because someone blocked me but I can still see his profile because his comments that he made before he blocked me link to it.
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