Whither the home page?
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These days, what sorts of URLs are people likely to put in a "home page" field for their online directory listing? While some folks do indeed still have what I think of as an old-school home page, what other sorts of places might such a link lead to? Some possibilities I thought of so far are a flickr account, facebook account, linked-in, a business page rather than a personal page, 404's, and the occasional unintentional link-farm or porn takeover of expired domains. I'm looking for other landing page types that may be joining old-school home pages as increasingly common personal web address identifiers.
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A blog.
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Many of my friends and colleagues are using flavors.me and/or about.me as a "landing page" which links to their various social media profiles. It may be just a trend for the short-term, but it works for now.

(Here's mine as an example. This is what I usually link to as my "home page.")
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bhayes, that's pretty freakin' awesome. Love the simplicity. Great photo too!
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