Where should we go for our honeymoon?
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Where should we honeymoon (on the cheap) this December? Thailand, Argentina, Turkey, or somewhere else? How much should we budget?

Currently I'm considering countries that have both beautiful beaches and good cultural activities. Less interested in the Caribbean, and no cruises or resort locales. Places that are fairly un-American and unfamiliar get priority, though that often makes airfare more expensive.

Thailand is my number #1 choice, with the lovely beaches and crazy cities, but airfare is intimidating. Argentina is a close second, as tickets are about $250 less per person. Istanbul and the beaches sounds like a blast, but I haven't done my research.

When should we buy tickets? I'm open to doing something last minute and surprising instead of super planned, but only if that saves us money.

What destinations are fun, can be enjoyed cheaply, and offer beaches, sun and culture?
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Probably too cold for Turkish beaches in December. Like in the low 60's as a high
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As a disclaimer, I haven't actually been to Argentina or Thailand, but I've traveled in South America and Asia and talked to people who have been to both of those places. Argentina is one of the most expensive South American countries, and Thailand is quite cheap. Depending on how long you're staying, you'll probably end up spending close to $250 more per person once you're in country if you go to Argentina on food and lodging and travel.
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How long do you have? Thailand is a 20-ish hour flight and then you have a 12 hour time difference to deal with for jet lag (based on your profile).
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I really really want to move to Turkey. That said, the best vacation I ever took was New Zealand. December is the beginning of their summer.
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Response by poster: New Zealand, while beautiful, doesn't really appeal to me as much. I want countries with big cities to explore (hence the appeal of Bangkok, Buenos Aires and Istanbul), and am less interested in hiking the untouched wilderness of Middle Earth.

Good point about Turkey's cool weather in December.
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I'd go with Thailand. Don't be intimidated by the high airfare - once you get there, it's probably the best-value place to travel in the world. Meaning, no matter what your budget is, you'll get a lot of bang for your buck. Another great thing about Thailand is that it has a very different, "exotic" culture, but it's very easy to travel around, relative to other developing nations. Travel is easy and plentiful, lots of people speak at least basic English, and the water is safe to drink in cities.
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Another vote for Thailand ... although I've never seen anyone (including locals) drinking anything but bottled water (which is cheap).
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Can I suggest Peru? The beaches in the north are apparently fabulous (great seafood, too) and the cultural sightseeing in the cities can't be beat. It's also significantly less expensive than Argentina.
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