Turning liquid gold into cash
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How do I turn a bottle of gold plating liquid into cash? The bottle, marked "AUROBOND" "Gold Content 1 OZ. TROY" was buried in some items I bought at an auction and I think it has gold in it.

I assume with the price of gold being what it is, the gold could be extracted with a centifuge type device and sold for a fair amount of cash.

My question is, where should I bring it? A "Cash for Gold" store that that are all over the place now? A jeweler, perhaps?

FWIW, the bottle appears to be old and is marked POISON.
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Best answer: FWIW, the bottle appears to be old and is marked POISON

I'd handle it carefully. It might have cyanide in it.
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Best answer: I hope this isn't considered snark, but a "cash for gold" place is going to look at you like you have two heads if you were to bring them a bottle labeled "poison".

They are not chemists and are not equipped to separate whatever gold is in there from whatever poison is in there (cyanide, or whatever). Nor, likely, is a jeweler.
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A sign shop or a framing store MIGHT be interested. Craigslist might be a better spot to advertise it.
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I believe what you have is a Gold Cyanide complex. If you scroll down on that Wikipedia entry, you will see a couple different methods to liberate the gold from the complex.
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ebay it as rare special artists' material, rather than a toxic centrifuge golden goose.

(well, you might want to essay a small sample first).
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Response by poster: An assay is a good idea, but why only a small sample? Is it destructive?

FWIW, the solution is really dense. The bottle weighs almost a half a pound.
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Best answer: I've had good dealings with this company for selling scrap silver from casting projects.
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