Help me find a dirty movie.
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Help me find a dirty movie. (NSFW)

About 15 years ago I was at a short film festival in Liverpool UK, it showed a number of films throughout the day, but one particularly stuck in my mind.

These are the details that I think are correct in my rememberings. It was black and white. It starred an Asian gentleman, possibly Japanese. Said Asian man was crouched over the camera and then cacked onto the lens. However what set this apart from simple scat porn was that then the film was reversed and the poo went back in.

This film elicited groans of horror from the crowd watching, then cheers, and was repeated in the theatre straight after.
I have told loads of people about this over the years, but googling surprisingly leads me down the terrifying porn route, rather than the funny arty route that I am after.

If it is any help there was another film by, I'm presuming, the same filmmaker, where he was filmed running down the street in a nappy whilst waving a big dildo around.

I know that these films may sound like the imaginings of a deluded and sordid gentleman, but I definitely saw them. Has anyone else?
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Well I have no idea, but I'd like to recommend Weather Diaries (Number 6, I think) which is not nearly so pornographic or scatological, but is sexually strange and does include both a scene of the narrator masturbating in the shower and another (unrelated?) scene of him peering through the fence of a public pool at teenage boys. I remember it eliciting similar audience reactions in my film class.
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