What Android games would I like?
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Good Android games for picky player?

I have a Motorola Xoom, and browsing the Android Store for games is like seeing the same silly game, over and over, with slightly different graphics. I desperately need your help in finding a game that I would like.

Here are my all-time favorite games (I know I'm dating myself here):
* Civilization
* SimCity
* Populous
* Starflight
* Wizardry

Formerly I liked Taipan, but the equivalent trading game on Android is more like "find the trick, then wash, rinse, repeat" and has no challenge anymore. So I didn't include that on the list.

What Android game will give me the stimulus that I got from the above games?
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Maybe Condado? It's based on a German-style card game called San Juan.
posted by the dief at 2:58 PM on May 1, 2011

Oh, on the Wizardry end of things, I'd recommend the RPGs Gurk, Angband, and Nethack.
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I don't know all your fave games, so I'm not sure of your exact tastes, but I've been enjoying Alchemy.

To piggyback, if anyone knows the best way to filter searches for games on the Android App Store, I'd be very interested in hearing about it! The functionality is limited.
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Hot Spring Story has a classic simgame vibe to it
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If you download appbrain (search on market) you can sort by popularity within categories and filter easily on many criteria. This should help you to pick the wheat from chaff.
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Here's a link to the aforementioned AppBrain on the market
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You might enjoy Star Traders RPG. Open-ended trading / exploration / survival game. Pretty complex - I'm still playing it a month after downloading.
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