What does this hand (claw) gesture mean?
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At 1:27 of this youtube video, what does the hand (claw) gesture mean?

It's a Tyrannosaurus Rex dressed as a king. He's standing there making a motion as if he might be rolling two or three balls around in the palm of his hand. To what real monarch and gesture does this refer? I'm pretty sure I've seen this gesture in other contexts, probably other jokey contexts, but I'm drawing a blank and I have no idea how to google up the original.
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It puts me in mind of the UK Queen's wave. It's a circular motion, hand upright as though she's going to shake hands with someone.
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It looks like he's just doing "the royal wave" which is not really a waving gesture but a kind of flippy/twirly thing (I tried to find a quick example on YouTube but the royals wave more like normal people these days).
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"Here ye, Here ye!"
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Still can't find a video, but here's a still picture that shows the royal wave.
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Looks more like the "yes yes adore me" sort of flourish of someone who is being applauded and eating it up, associated with taking a bow.
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Response by poster: Wait. Did I see Marcello Mastroianni do that? Or is that a different dream?
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Royal Wave
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Hm, looks like he's just snapping in time with the music to me, like how the brachysaurus is stamping along a few seconds later.
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I think I saw something like this in Disney's Robin Hood -sort of a "keep it coming" sort of gesture. It's been a while since I've seen it, though.
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looks like he's preening himself
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I think it's a reference to Captain Queeg ("Mutiny on the Bounty") who rolled steel balls in his hand just like that. Notice that the gesture comes on the line "terrible king."
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