Sharing Matlab scripts.
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Where can I find and share Matlab scipts?

I work with Matlab, and tend to build up an extensive library of useful scripts and functions, especially when it come to plotting (god, plotting in Matlab can be tedious).

I assume a lot of other people do this too - do you know a good forum where people share and trade Matlab scripts?
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I've had good luck with the Matlab Central File Exchange on the Mathworks website.
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Absolutely Matlab Central, unless they're scripts for some specific purpose/field. People who tend to process a lot of EEG data, for example, have EEG-centric mailing lists and forums. Same for any field, I imagine.

The problem with sharing scripts and functions across fields is that they have to be INCREDIBLY generalized. I have my lab's own plot_general function, which shortcuts a ton of work for me and spits out a plot (and saves an .eps) in the format that my PI likes to see. I realize, though, that it wouldn't be useful for anyone else, really, given that it's looking for a very specific data format, and needs a pretty intricate parameters structure to modify any details of the plot.

Just out of curiosity, what kind of plotting functions are we talking here?
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Response by poster: Thanks, I will look around there a bit more then.

Yeah, generalization seems to be the main problm. And what I am looking for (or attempting to make) are extremely generalized routines for large datasets. I am doing some multi-input multi-output system simulations, and there is a whole whack of input and output data, all in different units, and I want to be able to quickly display them (different models have different in/outs, and I don't want to create something tailored to each model, which then has to be updated as the model changes).
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Response by poster: jisubplot for the win!
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