Barcode/UPC lookup tool?
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I have several thousand CDs and am thinking it's time to sell them, which would be easier if I had a comprehensive written list. There are lots of barcode/UPC-lookup sites on the Web, but many don't have comprehensive databases and none seems to take a full list or spreadsheet of numbers and return the product names so I would have a single list. Any suggestions?
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Not to advertise for Google, but Google Goggles did a pretty good job just looking up the barcode on a package of Glad Cling Wrap... I just snapped a picture of the barcode (with the numbers) and it identified the product.
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Delicious Library is awesome for this and will even help with selling them.
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Response by poster: Great ideas, both, but I don't have an Android or iPhone, nor a Mac. Anyone know of any good web-based solutions?
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Not to be snarky, but... have you checked to see if there's a market for these CDs? Your time and labor may be more than the actual payments.
posted by veryblue1 at 11:54 PM on April 28, 2011 Use the barcodes to enter the data. These will be Amazon or similar catalogues. Some, older or exotic, may need some manual listing.
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If you'd prefer a software solution, CodeAero's MusicLabel can do this with UPCs i believe, and also by inserting the cds into your drive. and can export to XML and do reporting and all kinds of other neat stuff.

Might be a little overkill if you're looking to sell 'em all tho...
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Check out AbundaTrade and iPodMeister

AT has the barcode lookups and is pretty simple. Trade for cash or items.

iPM means no cataloguing or work really. Just count them, box them up and ship them. If you dont actually want any of the devices they can just cut you a check.

You could also trade up to resell the ipod and ipads a lot easier than all the cds....

No - you won't get full value as if you were selling each one individually on Amazon or elsewhere - but you will get rid of all of them and pretty fast. What's your time worth to you? How long can you wait to get a return on these?
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I use Readerware for books but they also make a music product. It definitely does what you want, but is not free. There is a 30 day trial, though.
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How do you plan on selling them? If you're doing it with a local shop, they'll want to see the quality of the CDs, not just a list. If you're selling them online, it'll be similar, unless you're looking to try and sell via Craigslist.
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Response by poster: Thanks to everyone for the suggestions - Abundatrade is works best for my needs - one can paste in a file/list of UPC codes and it returns full info along with their offered price for each.
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