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Please help name my Italian Greyhound puppy before he develops a major identity crisis.

I totally know this falls under 'Questions to avoid', but I wouldn't be asking if I wasn't desperate. Plus, the green always seems to deliver the goods on naming threads...

So here goes - I have finally taken the leap and got myself a brand spanking new Italian Greyhound. Here are some pictures of him being all adorable (1, 2, 3)

He is nine weeks old now, and I have had him for about a week, in which time I have failed miserably in finding a suitable name, which I attribute to simply majorly overthinking it. It started two weeks before I got him, where I would literally be shouting random names alone in my apartment to see what sounded 'right'. Then I got it down to a shortlist... He was Sidney for a day, but that got shortened to Sid, which sounded too much like the command for sit. Then he was Lord Julius for another day, but the three syllables felt a bit much in Julius. Then he was Ignatz, which didn't really gel, and then finally Igor, which was met with lukewarm response from my friends and family.

I've probably read the 'List of Fictional Animals' page from Wikipedia over twelve times, and endured over a thousand pop-up ads from baby name sites. So here I turn to you, faithful reader, for help!

I don't really have any major guidelines, except I think two syllables would be best for training purposes. I also would like to avoid any overtly 'human' names, or anything distinctly italian.

Bonus points for tying into either literary fiction, modern art, independent comics, architecture, Judaism, or Apple products. Double points for names with a slightly dark bend. You can probably see why I am having trouble here.

Thank you for any and all suggestions!

(also, not to threadjack my own post, but if anyone has ever raised one of these little guys, and wants to share tips, please mefimail me!)
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Luciano (lucie for short)
The Count (count for short)
Bluey (Mr Blue for long)
Mojo (Mr Mojojojo or Mr Mojonono when he's misbehaving)
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Pop! Just started riffing without reading your full post!

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I know it's not two syllabuls, but I really like Moriarty for a dog.

Or Erik.
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If my first reaction is anything to go by on seeing those pictures, you should name him "Squeeeee!".

Seriously, I suggest Miro.
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You know, of course, that any name you give him now will simply devolve into "Diddums".

And I'm very sorry, please forgive, but adorable pup as depicted in photo 1 is a "Scooter".

I give my cats lovely, formal names. They don't stick. Olivier became "Moo", Matthew became "Wumbley" and the current dictator is known as "Nose".
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I had a dog once and his name was Boo.
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Corriera or Pullman

bus in Italian
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At the risk of offense to MeFite Gaspode, I'd name him Gaspode.
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Avon Barksdale would be a great dog name.
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Best answer: I always wanted to call my dog "Stella" so I can yell it across a park in a Marlon Brando voice, but it doesn't work for a boy dog. [And believe me, if you have an Italian Greyhound, you are gonna be yelling for it over vast distances - use a lead for a looooooong time before you go to open parks is my whippet-owner advice]

I like the name "Eliot" or "Donny" [so you can say, "Shut the fuck up Donny" or "You're out of your element" etc]

Apparently names with an 's' sound are good for dogs and training so I think Avon Barksdale is a winner.
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Response by poster: Wow. 12 suggestions in less than an hour. You guys rock! Again, the bonus point criteria is just that, so feel free to go outside those suggestions. I know lots of people have a secret stash of pet names for future pets, so don't be shy ;) I think the biggest problem as well is that every time I hear a name, I think of the first thing that comes to mind. Mojo for example, I always think of this. Keep em coming though!
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Paulo, which is Italian for "small".
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Try this list of Apple codenames - what Apple called certain products in-house while under development.

In terms of indie comics, Spuckler (from Mark Criley's Akiko series) is a charming character, and Spuckler is a fun word to say. He's a lazy rogue, and not too smart, but loyal and with a heart of gold, which from what I know of Italian Greyhounds, fits perfectly.
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Looks like a Hugo or a Fezzick to me.
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This dog needs a big, important, I'M HUGE name.

Andre (the Giant)
Fezzick, indeed
Rowdy Roddy

If you like MST3K, then any of the various names from Space Mutiny (Blast Hardcheese, Punk Chunkman, Big McLargeHuge, etc)
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Best answer: Italian name: Pronto

Non-Italian name with a twist of Judaism: Levi (the Italian name this dog is Piccolo Levriero Italiano).
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Dash / Dashiel
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Thoreau sounds fitting.
Though this is coming from someone who named her own dog Flapjack..
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Seconding 'Dash'. He's got Incredible written all over him.
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He's got a brown coat, you could call him Malcolm or Captain Mal.
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My brother's IG is named Zeppy. It works well.
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Santa's Little Helper. Or, Mr. Santos L. Halper. Or, Rover, Fido, Rex, Spot, Rover II, Fido II, Rex II, Cleo, Dave, Jay, Paul, Branford, Dave II, Jay II, Paul II, Branford II, Sleepy, Dopey, Grumpy, Donner, Blitzen, Grumpy II, King, Queenie, Prince and The Puppy Formerly Known As Prince.

That all out of the way, I do understand that an Italian name is not required, but I have always wanted to name a dog Pasquale, just because I like it - and the timing is perfect for a name like that (and it has a Hebrew connection). He could be Mr. Pasquale Anerable Pinkypaws for short.

Otherwise, thirding Dash.
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Response by poster: Oh man, there's some contenders here... Honey Barbara's line is actually making me reconsider Don... Completely hilarious, especially since I find myself already uttering those two phrases a bit. Any more in that vein? ;)
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Bill Pullman or Mr Brown.
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Just shared your pup's photos with a nearby kindergartener, who suggests Razor.
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I love Pronto and I think that's what his name should be.

Other suggestions:
(yes, I watch Formula One, why do you ask?)
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St. Albans

Cella - main room of a temple
Gable (Gabe for short)

Maimonides or Rambam

Modern Art
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Avon Barksdale.
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Since he's an Italian Greyhound, I love the idea of an Italian name. Particularly one that sounds grand, since he's rather little! My dad called our Shih Tzu Alex "Big Al" which I thought was hysterical.

How about Luigi?
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That doggie is a FABIO.
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I would call him Jules.
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I also like "Spike" [the broody existentialist from Cowboy Bebop - they say "Spik-eh" which sounds cool; also has a faint architectural aura]

"Roark" if you do the architectural thing? or:


Or smug literary: Halvard Solness - the architect in Ibsen's The Master Builder

If you have already done Ignatz and Igor - what about "Iggy"[Pop] especially since your little pup will grow into a very lean dog.

And don't worry about the changing names thing. I don't think they really get it anyway. Our two dogs have no real idea who they are, they respond to either name.
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I'm agreeing with the folks who think his name should be Italian.

And I think it should be Enzo, in homage to the wonderful dog in The Art of Racing in the Rain. Even though that dog was a golden retriever.
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It's not dark in the least, but I'd call that dog "Muffin."
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He looks an awful lot like a Spanky to me, tbh. Or possibly Rupert.
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Fulvi is Italian for tawny.
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Rooster. After Rooster Cogburn in True Grit.
I call my roommate's cat "Noodle" and sometimes "Noodle head" when he is being especially cute.
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We've got a gigantic whippet that is often mistaken for a full greyhound due to his size. If the puppy-growing phase is anything like what I witnessed, a good name will be Scrambles, doubly so if you have hardwood floors. Watching that dog handle stairs was like seeing an armfull of broom handles and tent poles get dumped downhill.
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Also you could call him Deo and then shout the Banana Boat Song across the dog park.
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Seconding Rupert, also offering Dartanian, Milo, and Mister Mister.
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He's SO a Milo.
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I've got an italian greyhound myself and his name is Chuck.
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I have always wanted to name a dog Kaboom and/or Boomer (think how much fun it would be to yell!). I know someone with a lovely cat named Yawp so I think there's money in the sound effects bank with ears like your little guy has on him! Other pet bank names: Mochi, Simon, Sherlock (we have a Watson), and Douglas

II-E (call him Twoee)
Gus (as in Sweet tooth, I love grey hounds but they look vaguely deer like to me)

Enjoy your new friend, what a cutie!
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Fawn, especially in that last photo where he is all curled up. He looks like a baby deer.

In Italian, fawn is "cerbiatto" which I think is cool and can be shortened to cerbie
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Officer Pup, obviously.
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Mr. Pinky Paws, Pinky for short.
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Chico, as in the Italian Marx Brother.
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(Pronounced Chick-o, not cheeco, and no he wasn't really Italian, but the character was.)
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(I know, three syllables, but still... also I don't know if this detracts form the name or adds to it, but he kind of looks like Finnigan as in Casey and Finnigan, no?)

(And then on walks, when he insists on sniffing a tree and you want to keep moving you'll be waiting for Godot...)
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Machiavelli, Machi (Mocker) (Velli-belly)
Guicciardin (Guicci)



Cordo (for Lucius Vitruvius Cordo, a Roman architect)
Pirro (for Pirro Ligorio--another architect)
Berty (for Umberto Nobile--polar explorer)

Moochy (Scaramouche)
Don Camillo

Sergi (Sergio Leone)

Rotti (Pavarotti)
Tito (for Tito Schipa)
Caffe (for Caffarelli--a historical contralto castrato) ouch
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Actually, all of those together! "Hello there. Pleased to meet you. I am Walter Newton Ford Otto Beans, II."
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from a dog loving friend. Would love to hear what he's named

Options for the greyhound part (ie very speedy)

• Mercury (Merk for short)
• Jeter

For the Italian part

• Bello
• Guapo (basically translates to “gorgeous”)

I kind of like Bambi…. Just cause… that’s who he looks like,. Like a gorgeous little fawn
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Response by poster: So! Just an update for any interested parties, I decided to go with Levi - MuffinMan's tie-in to the italian name of the breed, plus the fact he was in a litter of three, AND Levi was the amazing principal of East Dillon High. Hugo and Donny were definitely runner-ups though. Thank you again so much everyone for your very insightful and downright helpful responses.
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