Words like "birther"
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Is there a canonical list of words like "birther" and "truther"?

I know about:
Birther = Someone who thinks Barack Obama was not born in the US (see also "birther-curious" for people who make equivocal comments on the subject)
Truther = someone who thinks 9/11 was an inside job, or that Bush or the CIA knew about it
Tenther = someone who thinks federal health and welfare legislation is unconstitutional on states-rights grounds

Today Salon.com has a post denouncing "Trig Truthers" who believe Sarah Palin's youngest son is actually Bristol's.

What else has entered the national lexicon?
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Anti-vaxxer (sometimes also called the Mercury Militia)

I can't think of any cutesy names for AIDS denialists or climate change skeptics, but I have a feeling they exist. And of course there's Tea Baggers, or at least that's what they first chose until someone told them what teabagging meant.
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Is there a canonical list of words like "birther" and "truther"?

While I think I know what you mean, I don't think you're going to get this question answered. The literal answer is somewhere between, "Yes, the dictionary" and "no — but this thread will stand in for such a list if you stick around long enough."

For people of a particular, irreverent, progressive, sarcastic bent, there is the Balloon-Juice Lexicon, which is more a reflection of the jargon of a blogging community loosely focused on contemporary U.S. politics. Nobody, at Balloon-Juice or anywhere else, is going to tell you that lexicon is canonical for anything other than the question "is this term in the lexicon?"

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Here's a semi-tongue-in-cheek post from Adam Serwer on the various flavors of Birtherism, although I wouldn't say these are well known at all: A Birtherism Lexicon.
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Regressive = basically the opposite of progressive with the obvious double entendre that they want to turn back the clock to an imaginary time when things were simpler.
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Commie (an old one)

Does anyone else really hate this stuff? I usually stop reading when one of these words is used, even if I agreed with the author up to that point. I just can't take the person seriously anymore.
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I would define "birther" as someone who's "pro-life" but against welfare, public healthcare, etc. This was the definition pre-Obama.

But I think the answer to your question is Urban Dictionary.
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I'm partial to Teahadist.
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