How do I properly show 2 addresses?
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Two addresses. The physical address the other the mailing address. How do I show this in my letterhead? Business card? Invoices? I'm stumped.
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I would put the physical address immediately under your name/company name. Then, underneath or to the side of that, indicate "Correspondence: " and then list your mailing address.
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It might help to know why you have two address like this. Often when people have a separate mailing address for their business it's because they work from home and don't want random visitors and/or want to look more professional by having a non-residential address.

In short, do most of the people you correspond with actually need to use both addresses on a regular basis? If not, just give them your mailing address. You can give out your physical address to those you're closer to that have a need for that more personal information.
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Just label them something clear. Whichever address most people will need to use, put that one first.

Visit our offices at: 123 Jones St. Anytown USA 11111
Send mail to: P.O. Box 4, Anytown USA 11111-0004

Correspondence: P.O. Box 4 etc
Office: 123 Jones St etc

You may also want to specify whether other shippers can ship to your physical address, such as UPS and FedEx.

US Mail: P. O. Box 4 etc
Visit us, or send UPS/FedEx parcels to: 123 Jones St. etc
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Street address/Mailing address is another pair of labels that would be clear.
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I have this at my house. I also had it at my last house. At my last house it was because I lived too close to the post office and I literally could not get mail delivered to my house by the USPS (but I coud by Fedex/UPS). Mail sent to my home address would be returned to sender, much to my chagrin. At my current house, I have a mailbox here, but mail doesn't really come here and I choose to get it at the PO box. I use my PO box on all of my correspondence unless someone is specifically mailing me a package via a service in which case I give them my street address. If people literally do not know how they are sending something to me (happens more often then you'd think) I use a hybrid address, something like this

Jessamyn West
Box 123/123 Main Street
Randolp VT 05060

The post office knows where I live and can figure it out. A delivery service will ignore the PO box [if it gets through the validation process] and will deliver the thing to my house. I like having a simple consistent address which is one of the reasons I used the PO box to start with.
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Very rarely is it necessary for people to know both addresses. Plenty of large businesses only give out their mailing addresses on business cards and letter heads, and will give personal instructions if you're visiting the office. Unless you have clients that visit your place of work regularly (which you might! In which case my advice is utterly worthless) just don't print the physical address. You can give it out easily when the need arises.
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I have a piano moving & storage business.

My physical address is important for shipping and receiving and also my customers feel more at ease knowing where their instrument is kept.

The mailing address is where I want payments for my services to go.

The address with an explanation attached seems clumsy.
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I have this situation at work, and I label them as Mailing Address and Office Address or Offices Located at.

For me, the issue is that I work for a university, but my department's offices are off-campus. The expectation is that someone would be able to drop by, so it's easiest to clarify that up front. I generally use the version of letterhead with just the mailing address, though I do have a version with both. I decided to just use the office address on my cards, since these are people I would likely meet in person.

On preview, label them Business Address and Billing Address, and you only need use the latter on your invoices. It's incredibly common for A/R to be handled elsewhere.
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I haven't see it on business cards, but on invoices that I would get, the address to send your payment to would be printed at the bottom with the header "Remit to:". At the top would be the physical address.
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