Where can I sell used DVDs in Canada?
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Where can I sell used DVDs in Canada?

I've some (barely) used DVDs that I've been wanting to sell for ages. The main problem is that I don't know where to sell them. A secondary problem is me not knowing exactly what kind of money I should ask in exchange for them. I think $35 or so would be reasonable, but I'll supply a photo of DVDs to see what you folks on MetaFilter think. I've no idea how much new DVDs even cost these days as I've been quite disinterested in film for nearly three years now. With Blu Ray becoming huge, DVD prices must be dropping quickly which probably makes it an especially good time to sell these DVDs before they're worth nothing.

As far as I know, Rogers Video and Blockbuster, the main big video places that come to mind, only give you "points" for your used DVDs that you can use to get more DVDs . . . which is something I don't want. I have enough DVDs as it is and am admittedly not much of a film buff anymore. Perhaps a pawn shop would be a good place to sell them? I dunno. Some people recommended that I sell my DVDs on Ebay, but have no idea how shipping costs are worked out . . . I guess I could ask the post office worker about this. If I'd sell them online though, I'd have to raise the $35 price to include shipping costs which, I assume, would raise the price to something over $40.

Here's a photo of the DVDs. As you can see, they're popular titles but aren't favorites of mine hence why I wish to get rid of them. The DVDs are in good condition and have hardly any scratches on them. Some have only been watched a single time.

Anyway: I live in MB, Canada. Not sure if that helps much, but I figured it wouldn't hurt to state that.


*Note - I'd actually be willing to sell these DVDs to someone on MeFi (not sure if I'm allowed to say this - sorry if I'm not), but I'd probably rather sell them IRL as I'm inexperienced when it comes to selling online. And if I would sell online, I could only accept payment through PayPal.
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I'm in Ontario and Kijiji is a popular place to sell used things. You could try it.
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Pawn shops will give you the least. Maybe a used bookstore?
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Kijiji or Craigslist are an option. Do you have a local flea market in the area? To be honest, I wouldn't count on getting too much out of them - maybe you can donate them to Goodwill or your local library. You might get a tax credit out of the deal.
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Used CD shops usually take movies too. You'll get maybe a few bucks (at most) for each of them though.
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The Beat goes on is pretty fair in purchasing used dvds from people.
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No tax credits for donating goods in Canada, unfortunately.

$35 is likely not realistic and shipping them in Canada is also not terribly realistic -- this is a bit different in the US as cheaper shipping options make shipping low-cost good feasible, but anybody who wants those particular DVDs, even in Canada, would eBay 'em from an American able to offer the cheaper shipping.

Find a used record/book store that also deals in DVDs or put up a Craigslist/Kijiji ad; ask for $20, take $10.

When considering the value of this sort of thing... Mass-market used items are generally at best worth half retail price -- do consider the extent to which things go on sale when figuring out retail price. If you are selling goods yourself you have to consider that you are not a store; you are not convenient. If I want to go through the bother of e-mailing you, setting up a time to meet, driving out to see you, etcetera, you'd better be offering an absolutely terrific deal or else it's more appealing to just go to a shop. And these are not highly desirable or rare items, and while these movies may be worth $X on a site selling 2nd-hand DVDs -- if I go to that site, I can pick out the exact titles I want, much more desirable...

If you are not in serious need of the money I would consider FreeCycle; sift carefully through the replies and you might find a really 'worthy' recipient, make somebody's day. Perhaps there's an underfunded senior's centre near you that might like a few of the titles?

If you are in need of money -- you mention you don't want store credit at a 2nd-hand place, but they generally offer a good deal when you take store credit, and I wonder if "$30 credit at [whatever your area's equivalent of 'The Beat Goes On' is]" would not be more appealing to Craigslist/Kijiji buyers? Hmm.
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You'll be lucky to get $2 apiece from a retail store. You could sell them on Kijiji for $10-$20, assuming they're in decent condition.
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