Trader Joes for the Preggos
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Help me put together a care package for a pregnant friend based on shopping at Trader Joe's.

We have a dear friend who is struggling through the typical issues of her first trimester. She also lives in an area that doesn't have a Trader Joes. Occasionally we'll send them care packages consisting of the "best of" TJs, through postal mail (so not fresh produce, liquid, cheese, frozen) as a treat. We'd like to do so again, but this time I'd like a specific emphasis on anything that would be really good for her right now. I have never been pregnant, and all of my knowledge of what might be useful for her is coming secondhand.

So parents of MeFi, when you were at your morning-sickest, was there anything at TJs you found helpful? Or should I just forget about it and send the Joe-Joes on to her husband?
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Saltines, ginger (ginger ale, ginger cookies, very plainly cooked chicken and rice with ginger), and lemon (just plain slices of lemon. Seriously.) were my friends when I could eat (and that wasn't very often) during my first trimester.

You might want to send basic, plain stuff now and save the really fun stuff for the second and third trimesters (assuming she's past the crappy stuff then...I wasn't).

The other sucky thing I remember is that I would sometimes find a foodstuff that I could tolerate but then I'd be hit with a particularly bad bout of nausea/vomiting and then I'd be put off that foodstuff for the duration.
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Best answer: Actual first-tri pregnant lady here: Anything with actual ginger (as opposed to ginger flavoring) is likely to be helpful for nausea, as is any sour sucking candy.

Important though: ask her husband what kind of stuff she's into lately, and whether food at all is a good idea. For example, I'm inexplicably off chocolate and on creamy vanilla stuff, which is a real departure for me, but is totally individual.

This is really nice of you.
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Pregnancy can also do a number on the skin.

If she wears makeup I quite like the makeup remover towelettes they carry, which are nice and moist and suitable for sensitive skin.
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Best answer: I've never been pregnant, but based on the ginger comments above, definitely get a few packages of their candied ginger. You can eat it straight, and it's delicious.

Trader Joe's has good haircare and skincare products, so include some of those.
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Best answer: TJs has packages of ginger chews. They're really good with morning sickness. Also see if TJs has any 'real' ginger ale.

The other thing is, I'm finding I am kind of hot and cold with what you like one week to another. One week I am all about savory stuff. The next week, all I want is toast and vanilla soft serve yogurt and just plain Special K cereal. It kind of depends on what you threw up lately and how traumatic it was. I find if I feel like I almost threw up my shoes, I am over that meal/food for some time.
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When I was in my first trimester I ate mostly little handfuls of dry snacks. I recommend dry cereal, plain crackers, those single-serving packets of Omega-3 trail mix, uncrystalized candied ginger, and freeze-dried fruit.
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during my 2nd tri, I suddenly lost my appetite. My nurse/midwife recommended papaya enzymes (in the vitamin section) as an alternative to tums, etc. They did the trick.
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Best answer: These Ginger Chews help with my motion sickness; they might help with pregnancy nausea, too. Seems likely TJs would carry them.
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You should either ask, or just get her whatever she normally loves. In my first trimester, I didn't want to eat anything, ever. I ate cheese and crackers for nearly every meal. Now, several weeks later, I just love food again. Send her delicious things that will still be good in a couple months when her stomach settles, or find out what she specifically wants right now. She might be incredibly sick of ginger already, by the way.
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