PowerPoint to PDF on iPad
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How can I convert powpoint presentations (.ppt and .pptx) to PDF for editing on iPad 2?

I really just want to be able to type notes onto a PowerPoint (preferably in the speaker notes section) AND to be able to draw freehand on a PowerPoint. I know PDF readers on iPad can do this, so I am trying to go that route.

Remember that the iPad cannot upload files via a web browser, and I do not want to include a full-fledged computer in this process at all.
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Response by poster: Powpoint=PowerPoint....oops.
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Questions for clarification: is the PowerPoint file on your iPad 2 now? Do you have an app that can view PPT files? If so, what can and can't it do?

I haven't tried this app myself, but the QuickOffice iPad app for PowerPoint editing looks like it might be a solution. From their website, it doesn't look like you can draw on slides, but you can save as PDF. Otherwise, I imagine you could import hand-drawn images into the PPT.
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Response by poster: The PowerPoint file is already on my iPad. I want to be able to circle/highlight/underline things on power points, as well as draw graphs and take notes on the PowerPoint.

If it helps, I'll be using this in a classroom setting where my professor teaches from a PowerPoint and I need to do all that I can to mark up that presentation with what is said in the lecture.
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