Something other than tubular bells plz
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What's the chime-y instrumental background music at ~1:35 of this clip from the No Reservations Thailand episode?

Alternately, similar stuff would be great too.
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The instrument is, I believe, a gamelan. Doing a search on YouTube nets a ton of similar stuff.
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Sounds like a gamelan. That might help your search.
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I don't know the specific instrument, but 'gamelan' refers to gong-like instruments from that part of the world.
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Ah! So that's what a gamelan is. That helps to find similar stuff, but if anyone has an idea about the exact piece in the clip, it would still be appreciated.
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I think it's likely your instrument is a khong mon wong yai (the simicircular thing), or a khong wong yai (bass gong circle) which you can hear in background here.
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Have you seen The Year of Living Dangerously? Based on the video you linked to, I'm convinced you'd love it. That video is almost a reincarnation of the movie, albeit TYoLD is about events that took place in a different time and location. Features a lot of gamelan music with bonus wayang puppets, and an Oscar winning performance from the amazing Linda Hunt. (Ebert's review).
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The Akira soundtrack has a lot of gamelan in it.
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I always thought a gamelan was an instrument, but wikipedia says it's an ensemble. The more you know (ting!).
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