Seeking online collaboration tool!
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Looking for a cheap (free?) online collaboration tool that will allow me to share documents with a group of folks. Maybe it has a blog/notes capability? Maybe a discussion board? Plus it sends email notifications to users when updates are made. Is KeepandShare? Is it something else? Help?
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google docs
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Response by poster: Yeah. It's the obvious answer. And it almost certainly won't work for me. I need something that does more than just hold documents. I wish I didn't, but there it is.
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Google Sites is free. It's basically a low-end wiki and it can do all of those things you mentioned. You can set the permissions to be open to the public or only with people whose email addresses you add to the site.

I use it to share info with my husband. We use it for sharing calendars, recipes, to-do lists, and as a document repository (resumes, mainly).
posted by methroach at 1:11 PM on April 18, 2011 will do everything you need for free.
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Dropbox, perhaps?
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Yahoo Groups is also fairly decent and still very active.
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I use pbworks (free version) and it is quite awesome and has pretty much all you are asking for (apart from discussion board but as it is a wiki there would be ways to work round that)
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Wiggio does all of the things on your list, plus a few more. I've used it a few timed with good results.
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