Kanye's art history?
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Can you tell me about Kanye's classical-composite Coachella backdrop?

I'm pretty sure it's a composite (and not a direct copy of any extant sculpture), at least. I can recognize some aspects that I'm pretty sure were taken from the Laocoön group, but what about the rest? My art-historical knowledge pretty much ends at "Their hair looks Hellenistic, and that is a snake."
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Best answer: It's a fragment of Athena and Alcyoneus” frieze from the Altar of Zeus at Pergamum.
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Response by poster: Oh, yup - how wrong I was!
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More interesting: it's an improved image, with a few missing hands and faces added back in. I guess it's less distracting that way.
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Yeah, I want to know whose face has been added to Athena's body.
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Response by poster: Here's a better angle of "Athena's" face. Doesn't look familiar to me (but then I'm obviously no art historian).
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hey they also put clothing on the figure in the lower left
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