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What are some In-N-Out Burger locations easily accessible via airport and light rail?

I work for an airline, so I have free flight benefits. It's been the better part of a decade since I've indulged in the deliciousness of In-N-Out Burger, and I'm thinking of flying somewhere out west and getting a fix. What locations are convenient to flying into town, catching a train to a station, walking a block or two, and arriving at Beef and Cheese Valhalla? I'm aware of the infamous LAX location, but aside from questionable use of a parking shuttle, it seems the easiest way to get there is by cab.

Are there other convenient locations out there?
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There's an In-N-Out pretty close to OAK. There's also one in Fisherman's Wharf in SF.
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There's one in Daly City, CA, which should be short walking distance from the BART station, a short ride up from SFO.
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The In-N-Out in Millbrae is 1 stop away on BART.
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(from SFO)
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I don't have to do this anymore, because I live in California now, but . . .

When I used to have a 2 hour or greater layover at LAX, I would exit the terminal, take a Parking Spot shuttle bus labeled Sepulveda, tip the driver (in both directions) without explicitly saying what you are up to. Their parking service is right next door to the LAX In-N-Out. Did it 5+ times, never had a problem.
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Sorry ... I didn't see the "questionable use of a parking shuttle" comment. Nevermind! ;)
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Just to add to milkrate's suggestion, the millbrae in n out is literally across the street from that BART station.
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There is now an In-N-Out across the street (Coleman Ave) from the San Jose airport.
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Jake, last time I was at LAX, I noticed one of the "parking" shuttle buses was specifically labeled In-N-Out shuttle... so I don't think it's an uncommon practice!
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Millbrae is probably the easiest. You could take Bart or if it's free there might be a shuttle to the millbrae westin. Then just walk Millbrae ave over the freeway.
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Google Maps has what look like good results for the query "in-n-out" airport
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There is one in Las Vegas is just off the Southern end of the Strip, pretty close to the airport. Also Google maps shows one by UNLV, which is closer to the terminal.

Note: I was just a tourist in Vegas so I don't know how easy these really are to get to.
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I came to mention the Las Vegas UNLV location. Public transportation would suck because it mostly does in Las Vegas but you could walk there from the airport if 2 miles isn't a problem and it isn't summertime.
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Looks like Millbrae at SFO is the winner... thanks all!
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