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Any way to sync iCal with Yahoo Calendar, or any other decent free online calendar?

I have no pda and am not interested in .mac. I'd like to keep some online calendar updated with my iCal info for when I'm away from my beloved Powerbook. I'm open to trying other online calendars. I'd even consider scripts/automator actions.

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This macosxhints article references PHP iCalendar, but that seems to be down.

Here's another thread there that recommends iCal Exchange.
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There's icalshare...also, this page features a link to an app that'll let you dump your calendar to an FTP server. On its own, not very useful, but another link on the same page features a site that'll let you view calendar files remotely. From the description:

iWebCal lets you view calendars from iCal (and other calendar tools) on the Web. Just upload your calendar file to the Internet somewhere and type its address in the box above.

Basecamp does some iCal integration, but I suspect it's only to download Basecamp calendars to iCal and not vice versa.
I don't use iCal, so I can' provide any critical info on these apps.
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You can sign up to be a Beta tester on Trumba. It's a new on-line calendar service that syncs all your calendars together into one Master Calendar. Eventually, you'll also be able to download public calendars (the Red Sox calendar, your kids' soccer calendar, your local symphony's calendar, etc.)
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I recommend the free iCal Exchange, which lets you look at your calendar in any browser, or subscribe from another computer (with iCal, Sunbird, Mozilla Calendar, etc.). Syncing can be done automatically with iCal... It works just like the .Mac sharing. You can set up either public or private calendars (protected with a password).
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