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My wife and I need to fly from Newark, NJ to Manchester, England next Monday for her uncle's funeral, returning the following Monday. Does anyone have any suggestions for cheap fares (non-stop would be preferable since I use a scooter and my wife is visually impaired)?

I checked with several airlines and bereavement fares do not apply for uncles (also, bereavement fares aren't necessarily a good deal anyway).

The cheapest fare I've been able to find is from (via SideStep). I tried googling (including googlegroups) for information about and found very little information. I'm leery about using a site that doesn't seem very well known. Anyone have any experience with this site?
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Call Continental. They have a great direct flight from Newark to Manchester. They also have special fares for deaths in the family etc. Give them the whole sob story and good luck.
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Many airlines have a special "bereavement" fare. Call them directly and ask. You'll probably have to provide proof of an actual death (i.e. death certificate, statement from mortuary, etc) on your return trip or they'll charge you the regular fare. Also check discount ticket places, because they may be cheaper anyway.
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Well, I'd try the usual suspects (orbitz, expedia, priceline, etc.) first. Then I'd call airlines directly and see if they have any better fares. You might also ask about standby fares - not ideal, but if you get a helpful airline agent they might be able to tell you if a particular flight is relatively empty and thus likely to have seats available for standby.

And spacewrench, try actually reading the whole question next time.
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Continental and lie to them--say it's a father or grandfather.
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It is going to be tough--try I doubt you will find a bargain fare this time of year and at this late date--I would guess you best bet is to use 'Priceline" and bid what you will--remember--there is no turning back if you get your price--Good Luck--I hope you find your flight
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hey amberglow - that doesn't always work because sometimes they want a notice of the death, or death certificate or something. Any points from some airline? Also, look at FlyerTalk - they might have something random posted. Also, look at Airfare Report, although it looks like they're just national. JustFares comes through sometimes in a pinch. Good luck!
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I searched (never bought from them) and got a price of $472/person with Continental (non-stop, flight 20 on 5/9 and flight 21 on 5/16).

I don't know how reputable they are. I found them a while ago, through their ad.

I was able to find the same combination through for $509.18, so it is real. If you are concerned about buying your tickets online, take the deal to your favorite travel agent. He should be able to replicate it using his air travel database, and charge maybe $30 extra for the effort.

Good luck and have a safe flight!
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Check my cheap+air bookmarks. Buy soon, since some cheaper fares will evaporate the closer you get to departure. Best if you can do more than 72 hours out. Also, remember that sometimes you can get a cheaper air+hotel deal than air alone.

If you have any frequent flyer miles, last-minute tickets are one of the more efficient ways to use them.

I hope that doesn't count as a self-link.
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Regarding I have seen it mentioned on a few times, but have little other information. They are a consolidator. Tickets bought through them might not earn miles or be as flexible, so double-check.
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Try ITA Software. They have a good search engine. You'll have to book your results elsewhere, but they give you the appropriate booking codes to pass on to your travel agent.
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