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I will be in Singapore in May for three nights on the way back from Vietnam and I am looking for a hotel recommendation. I want to stay somewhere in the centre (Chinatown maybe, not sure) and looking for something not too expensive but also not a hostel. Any ideas?
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I've stayed twice at the Scarlet, which is on the edge of Chinatown, and more importantly, about 300 yards from the Maxwell Food Centre. It's an excellent hotel, but don't get a windowless room if you are claustrophobic. Although you might find the rooms a bit pricy, you can eat your weight in incredible food at Maxwell for very little money.
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Oddly I also stayed in the Scarlet for a few nights, certainly a fairly luxurious "boutique" style hotel if that's what you're looking for. Maxwell Food Centre is indeed one of the best hawker centres in the centre.

I would just add though that the city centre is pretty boring, especially "Chinatown" which was Chinatown some time in the past but is now completely gentrified (sure there's still mediocre Chinese restaurants, stalls selling to tourists and "Chinese medicine" shops...).

The Little India area is more lively and has many decent hostels; Bugis a short walk from there is the cheap shopping mecca (and also has decent hawker (food stall) centers.

Personally I had the most fun staying in Geylang which is an immigrant worker style area... It is also one of the areas where prostitution is permitted so stay away if that sort of thing bothers you, but the food was cheaper and much more tasty than anywhere else on the island, and there is still life on the streets until well into the night unlike the more gentrified areas which become deserted after the public transport finishes (around 11pm?).
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The in Bugis isn't bad. It's across the street from a hawker center and near the MRT.
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Oops, the link didn't post. It should read Southeast Asia Hotel (
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Seconding Geylang. I stayed in a quite reasonable place called sometime like the Happy Hotel. Working girls out front and in the streets nearby, but that didn't bother me.
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sometime something
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Could you elaborate a bit more on what you consider not too expensive?
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Response by poster: Thanks guys, I took your advice and decided to stay in Little India.

I ended up staying at the Moon hotel, a fairly new plac, close to the MRT

It was really great and I highly recommend it.
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