The Man Who Fell to Earth
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Ok, so I watched this movie yesterday and although I enjoyed it a lot I was a bit confused about the middle section of the film. Anyone who's seen it please help me out! (spoilers inside)

Ok, the section I don't understand is when Newton is apparently about to ride his rocket back to his home planet. He's running around with the press flashing cameras, etc. All of a sudden he gets in his car and tells the driver "I've got an hour, let's go back to the house" or something to that effect. Then there is a montage of the patent lawyer and his lover getting executed, while Newton's driver won't let him out of the car.

Next thing, Newton is locked up in what appeared to be some kind of private mental institute that he's paying for with his own money.

What happened during this segment? I feel like I'm missing a big peice of the plot. Who killed the patent lawyer? Why did Newton lock himself up when he was about to go back to his planet?
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By the way, I screwed up and didn't really make it very obvious what movie I'm talking about. The movie is The Man Who Fell to Earth.
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He didn't lock himself up, he was locked up by people who wanted technical secrets. I don't quite recall the details though, it's been ages ago since I've seen it; I'm sure someone will be able to give more info.
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As I recall, the powers-that-be decided they couldn't let him go. It wasn't exactly well established what was happening. Remember the part where they sealed his artificial eye covers in place? They didn't want him able to claim to be alien to anyone.

Strange movie, but I like strange.
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